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Opening a bank account in Europe

Get an account with a reliable European bank

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Opening a bank account in the European Union

It’s no secret that opening an account in a foreign bank is an increasingly difficult task. It will soon be flat out impossible without the help of a licensed financial consultant. And the market is not exactly flooded by such professionals

Who might need a European bank account:

Individual and legal entities who want to move to a European country

Individual and legal entities who want to buy property in Europe

Entrepreneurs who want to start a new business in the European market or transfer an existing one

Entrepreneurs who want to get additional funding for their business

What tasks will it help to solve:


Opening a bank account with a reliable banking system


Getting a loan/mortgage at low interest rates


Avoiding a high inflation


Assisting in transferring funds to a European account


Assisting in unblocking your bank account

Why us?

Our practicing experts hold all the necessary European licenses

We understand the tasks of our clients on a mental level

We use the latest European business building trends in our work

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Benefits that you get as a result:

You will receive a bank account in one of the European banks, completely ready for use for your tasks

The registration process comprises of 4 stages:


Defining the purpose for which the account is needed


Preparing a package of documents for the bank


Submitting documents to the bank


Bank account activation

Opening a bank account in EU

From 750.00 euros to 2500.00 euros + VAT *
* specify the prices

  • 750 €
  • + VAT

Frequently Asked Questions


Is it possible for a non-resident to open an account with a European bank?

You may open an account with a European bank without being a resident. To do this, you will need to provide documents to the bank confirming that you have income in your country of residence, and other documents that the bank may require you to submit.


Is it possible to open an account in a European bank remotely?

At the moment, European banks do not open accounts remotely without the presence of the applicant. Opening an account with a European bank requires personal presence of the applicant. You should file your preliminary request with the bank where you want to open an account, clarify the list of documents that need to be provided for any such opening and agree on the day when you can visit the bank so as to reduce the length of  your stay in connection with the handling of this issue.


Is it possible to open an account in a European bank in US dollars?

You can open a foreign currency account with a European bank. At the moment, to open an account with a European bank, you need to present your original passport and a certificate of employment printed out on a letterhead.


Can the bank block the account or restrict access to the funds?

The bank may request documentary evidence of the origin of money (a certificate from your employer, a certificate of income from the lease of real estate, a certificate of income from a bank deposit, etc.) in order to understand that you are not engaged in money laundering and that all your money is legitimate.

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