Smart business immigration

Deep inside, you have long been ready for the life in some other country, but fears outweigh the desire and questions outnumber the answers:

  • I will have it tough without the good command of the language
  • I have no friends and acquaintances in Europe
  • How do one build a business without knowing the market, and how does one control it
  • Taxes in Europe are scarily high

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Instead of simply going to Europe in search of a better life, but rather to stay there with a stable income, you will need a strategic plan for the development of your business based on:

  • Your desires and possibilities
  • Professional experience
  • Strengths

   Turning it into your advantage. 

For whom?

Entrepreneurs who want to move their business to Europe

Entrepreneurs who already have a business in Europe but need to adapt to the European market and to reorganise

Young startups who plan to implement their business ideas in Europe

How does the training proceed ?


ready-made project for your European business


training modules with practical tasks


live lectures with international experts


live hands-on sessions with experts and European business owners


individual online sessions with an advisor


hours of video content


checklists, templates and contracts

New contacts

What tasks does it solve?


Highlight your niche, unique trade offer and target audience


Build a strategic and a marketing plan


Conduct a professional analysis of the competitors' market


Create or adapt a financial model


Learn to manage a remote team


Learn to work with European banks and to get financing

Why us?

This course has been created by the people who own business in Europe

We have collated the experience of European experts in one course for you

You will get new useful contacts

You will get a lot of templates and checklists, as well as a contractual framework for establishing your business

You will receive not just theoretical material, but also practical material that you can put to good use in your project

Your project will be reviewed by successful European business owners

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Your benefits:

A ready-made project for your business

Choose the most optimum model for your business structure

Finalised strategic, marketing and financial plans

Organisational structure model and a structured HR department for your business

Checklists of a package of documents for financial and insurance institutions

Templates and contractual framework

Cost and rates:


  • 1 Practical class – 150 €
  • 2 Practical classes – 285 €
  • 3 Practical classes – 420 €
  • 4 Practical classes – 550 €
  • 150 €

"Gold" package

  • 1.5 months
  • 10 lectures
  • 2 individual meetings with your advisor, each 1-hour long
  • Excluding practical classes, which are charged separately
  • Adapt templates and contracts all by yourself
  • Course certificate
  • 490 €

"Platinum" Package

  • 3 months
  • 20 lectures
  • 4 Practical Classes
  • 4 Individual meetings with your advisor, each 1-hour long
  • Adaptation of templates and contracts for your business project with an expert Individual consultation with CEO Laduchi Consult
  • Assessment of the final project by family business experts
  • Certificate of completion
  • 990 €

Frequently Asked Questions


Is there any instalment plan?

We provide an opportunity to split the payment into several instalments (before the start of the training, in the middle of the course).


Is this course suitable for aspiring entrepreneurs?

The course is suitable for everyone who wants to implement one’s business idea. You can work on a project from any area. You will learn to understand your client’s needs, plan a development strategy, and understand financial and accounting reports. You will be able to evaluate the performance of your specialist on a professional level and draft a new business development strategy.


Skills needed before the training

No basic knowledge is required for training, you just need to be able to work in Excel and Google.Docs. You may come to us with an idea already shaped or come to seek inspiration.


Will there be hands-on classes?

Yes. After each block, you will participate in hands-on classes. Practical course is organised so that you can try your hand not just on your own project but also on the projects of your classmates. This way you will attain extra skills.


What project will I be working on?

You will perform all practical tasks, including the final paper, on your own project. This way you will get the most out of your training.

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