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Learning is light or why an entrepreneur needs continuing education?


When was the last time you asked yourself about the development of the company in the 5-10 year horizon, rather than just focusing on the current tasks?

The situation is such that today many entrepreneurs spend all available time on operational work, especially in the context of the company's rapid growth. This leads to the fact that the entrepreneur does not pay proper attention to the development strategy and loses the opportunity to see the situation of the company as a whole. Continuous learning allows you to break away from the daily routine and look at the situation from a different angle, especially now, when technology is developing with terrific speed, and entrepreneurs need to keep abreast of the latest trends. Without constant learning, you can simply miss out on new opportunities and lose your competitive edge.

Last week saw one of the biggest events in Barcelona in the field of higher and postgraduate education, the Saló de l'Ensenyament. Marketing Director of Laduchi Consult, Anna Ponomareva about why we visited the exhibition and what conclusions we came to:

"Universities are constantly adapting their curricula to meet the demands of a dynamically changing world and labor market.

Educational exhibitions allow you to track these trends and understand what areas you should pay special attention to. Saló de l'Ensenyament has shown that today many universities and business schools focus on the development of technology, IT, e-commerce, ecology and medicine. Those are the sectors that will receive more development in the near future. Entrepreneurs who operate in Spain can use this information to develop their business. For example, they can introduce new technologies, including artificial intelligence, into the company's work or make production more environmentally friendly, thereby already being ahead of competitors in their niche.

For entrepreneurs and business owners, business schools that offer a wide range of programs may also be of particular interest. Here the priority is given to management, marketing, finance and project management. By taking this kind of training, entrepreneurs can improve the efficiency of their business processes, optimize costs and find new channels to market their products.

But sometimes there simply isn't time for training, and the additional difficulty comes from the fact that the classes are conducted in a language other than the native one. In this case it makes sense to consider hiring outside experts who can help identify weaknesses in the business organization, resolve internal conflicts, and open up new opportunities for development and scaling. Practical experts of Laduchi Consult understand clients on a mental level and use in their work the latest European tendencies of business building. That is why we are always ready to save our clients from mistakes and provide the necessary support in any situation.

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