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Investing in the real sector

The Smart Money model works best in this type of investment, when the investor joins the projects in the businesses it understands the best and can use its competencies to help the company.

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Investment in the real sector

Investments in the real sector require a team of professionals who will assess the project in a quality manner, make forecasts for it and conclude at what stage and how one will be able to get out of it.

  •    Pharmaceutical sector
  •    Jewellery sector
  •    Industrial sector
  •    Development sector

For whom:

Investors who want to engage in manufacturing rather than investing in a startup

Investors who want to build an investment portfolio that includes various types of investments and are looking for operationally efficient companies with growth potential

Investors who want to invest in projects in the area of their expertise, thereby helping the company grow

What tasks will it help to solve:


Scale your business


Diversify investments


Invest in the existing projects


Become an expert in your own investment project


Pass the capital on to the next generation


Minimize your risks

Why us?

Our practicing experts hold all the necessary European licenses

Extensive experience in creating investment portfolios

An extensive database of interesting investment projects

We understand the tasks of our clients on a mental level

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Your benefits:

List of the most suitable projects for investment

Participation in investment projects with minimum risks

Risk assessment from a professional team

Opportunity to participate in global projects

The ability to pass on to future generations

Business scalability

Service provision process:


We consult


We define your tasks


We conclude a contract for the provision of services


We identify suitable areas for investment


Strategy formation


Investment portfolio creation


Strategy implementation

Frequently Asked Questions


What determines the price of the service?

The cost depends on the complexity and on the scope of the project.


Which industries are the best to invest in?

Our team will select the most suitable projects for you based on your tasks and expertise.


Who will control my investment project?

At the request of the client, our company can conduct physical control and provide assistance in the operational activities of the project, but the investor shall carry out the strategic management and development.


Can I leave the project whenever I want?

You can leave the project on any stage, based on the market situation and the value of your asset.

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