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IPO listing

Raise capital to grow your business by listing its shares on the stock exchange.

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IPO is one of the popular ways to raise capital.  When starting an IPO, a company will list a certain number of shares on the stock exchange to attract investors

For whom:

For entrepreneurs and top managers who want to scale their business

For companies that want to attract investment from international investors

Business owners who want to increase the value of their businesses

What tasks it helps to solve:


Make up for the lack of funding for business development


Accelerate the business development


Attract international investors;


Protect business from political and economic instability

Why us?

We use the latest European business building trends in our work

We understand the tasks of our clients on a mental level

Our practicing experts hold all the necessary European licenses

We have a large base of private investors and investment funds

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What will you get as a result:

Profitable valuation of your business

Public listing of the company shares on the stock exchange

Attracting the investors and higher business capitalization

Service delivery process:


Signing a contract with a client


We collect a package of documents


Analysis of documents and preparation of presentations for financial institutions


We receive an answer and the preliminary estimate


Coordination of assessment and financing stages with the client


Launching the procedure

The cost

5% of the attracted capital *
* fee for preparing a package of documents is paid separately

  • 50000 €

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the IPO for?

There can be several goals for an IPO, depending on each specific case. As a rule, the purpose of an IPO is to raise capital for a company, since public listing of the shares allows the company to raise funds from a wider range of investors. Another goal may be to estimate the value of the company, since the price of its shares on the capital market provides the most objective and realistic figures.


How long does it take for an IPO?

One of the most important conditions for an effective IPO is to take into account the interests of investors who decide to invest their funds in the company shares. Therefore, the process of preparing and conducting an IPO is very responsible and rather labor-intensive and, as a rule, it takes from 6 months to 1 year.


Is it risky to invest in companies that are going to IPO?

Buying shares does not guarantee quick profit or any profit at all. Any financial market, including the stock market, is subject to volatility (price fluctuations). This means that by purchasing the shares of a particular company, an investor also acquires all the risks, since the value of a share can rise or fall, depending on many circumstances.

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