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Environmental investment

In connection with the widespread growing interest in environmental problems, the environment protection projects are becoming increasingly popular.

Many countries worldwide have already modified their laws by adding the requirements for compliance with environmental safety standards and for the enhancement of environmental performance

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Environmental investment

A number of the most effective areas for investments in the environment have been clearly identified so far:

  • Transfer of production to environmentally friendly and resource-saving technologies
  • Creation of new technologies and materials capable of replacing the harmful chemical compounds, or contributing to the conservation of natural resources
  • Development and application of waste disposal and recycling technologies
  • Environmental programs that help solve problems indirectly related to the activities of the enterprise
  • Regular environmental activities may be construed as one of the business maturity criteria

For whom:

Investors who care about the future of their children

Investors who want not only to increase their capital but to contribute to the environmental improvements as well

Investors who want to invest in cutting edge technologies of the future

What we can help with:


Diagnostics of changes in the governmental regulations and requirements for certain areas of production and the environmental impact


Assessment of financial impact and identification of financing opportunities for environmental projects


Development of the environmental risk assessment system


Defining the essential terms of environmental deals, including the role of potential investors, business owners, landlords and professional environmental deal agents


Developing the financial structure, including the identification of sources for investment in the environmental projects and the methods of risk insurance


Analysing the potential implications for the balance sheet and the P&L statement in accounting to promote implementation of environmental projects for various stakeholders

Why us?

Extensive experience in creating investment portfolios

An extensive base of investment projects

We understand the tasks of our clients on a mental level

Our practicing experts hold all the necessary European licenses

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Your benefits:

Participation in projects of the future

Membership in a liquid investment project

Protection of capital

State support in the implementation of environmental projects

Preferential taxation

Service provision process:


We consult


We define your tasks


We conclude a contract for the provision of services


Determine if additional funding or partners are needed


Choosing a suitable project for investment


Raise additional funding if necessary

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We have 315 clients and currently represent 18 families


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We concluded 914 deals in 2019


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We have studied and prepared over 1000 turnkey projects with varying profitability rates and minimal risks


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Frequently Asked Questions


What benefits am I to expect from participation in environmental projects?

By becoming an investor in environmental projects, you can count on government assistance in project implementation, preferential terms for financing from financial institutions, and even preferential taxation.


Who will control my investment project?

At the request of the client, our company can conduct physical control and provide assistance in the operational activities of the project, but the investor shall carry out the strategic management and development.


Can I leave the project whenever I want?

You can leave the project on any stage, based on the market situation and the value of your asset.

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