Business Relocation to Andorra

The establishment of an Andorran company is an opportunity to implement your business idea or secure your business in a European country despite the crisis.

Create your capital by relocating or scaling your business to Spain with a team of international experts from Laduchi Consult.

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The rapidly developing world offers enormous opportunities for today's capital generators. But it also poses serious challenges: economic uncertainty, increasing taxation and regulation, the destruction of privacy rights and social pressures, and the dynamic complexity of banking services.

Under these circumstances, the request for a business relocation service has become very urgent.

Our team will identify your need and help you take the necessary steps to relocate your business to the country of your choice within an optimal time frame.

For whom

For entrepreneurs who are affected by the unhealthy political and economic situation in the country and want to get the opportunity to develop steadily

For startups who want to implement their business idea from scratch

For owners of small, medium, or large businesses, top managers who want to develop, transform and scale their enterprises

What tasks will help to solve

  1. 01

    Give your business idea a chance to grow away from an unstable political and economic system

  2. 02

    Accelerate business development

  3. 03

    Modify and transform an existing business

Why choose us

We understand our clients' problems on a mental level

We have a large base of private investors and investment funds

Our experts possess all required European licenses

We use in our work the latest European trends in business building

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What you will get as a result

A registered company

Company Statute

Bank account in a Spanish bank

Tax number

Registration in all necessary registers

Obtaining the necessary licenses

Description of provided services

The main stages of company registration for professional activity in Andorra are:

  • Conducting tax and legal consultations
  • Collection of documents
  • Conducting the registration process
  • Obtaining a National Identification Number ("NIE")
  • Obtaining of reservation of the company name
  • Obtaining investment approval
  • Opening of a bank account

The bank has to open an account in the name of the company to be incorporated and issue a certificate stating that the shareholder has deposited EUR 3,000.00 (minimum capital for a limited liability company). This certificate is required by the notary to formalize the memorandum of association.

Formalization of the memorandum of association

Incorporation in the register of companies

Obtaining of trading license

Process of service delivery


Signing the contract with the client


Collection of documents


Name registration


Account opening


Tax registration


Record in the registers


Business Relocation to Andorra

The cost of the package is: ≈7,000 €* + VAT

*The list does NOT include:

  • Costs related to the notary
  • Expenses in connection with obtaining an electronic signature of the company
  • Services in connection with obtaining documents for foreigners
  • Monthly maintenance
  • 7000 €
  • +VAT

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