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Registration of a foreign business in Spain

Save and increase your capital by relocating or scaling your business to Spain with a team of international experts from Laduchi Consult.

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The rapidly developing world offers enormous opportunities for today's capital generators. But it also poses serious challenges: economic uncertainty, increasing taxation and regulation, the destruction of privacy rights and social pressures, and the dynamic complexity of banking services.

Under these circumstances, the request for a business relocation service has become very urgent.

Our team will identify your need and help you take the necessary steps to relocate your business to the country of your choice within an optimal time frame.

What the service includes

Conducting tax and legal advice

Document collection

Registration process

Getting a tax registration number as an official company representative

Obtaining a tax registration number

Obtaining of electronic signature

Filling out form 036

Filling out Form 600 and subsequent registration at the Registry

Preparation of the documents

Opening of one account at any of the Spanish banks

For whom

For business owners who are affected by the unfavorable political and economic situation in the country and want to secure their business

For business owners whose business is experiencing difficulties or is on the verge of collapse

For owners of small, medium, or large businesses, top managers who want to develop, transform and scale their businesses

What tasks will help to solve


Protect businesses from an unstable political and economic system


Accelerate business development


Modify and transform an existing business

Why choose us

We use in our work the latest European trends in business building

Our experts possess all required European licenses

We have a large base of private investors and investment funds

We understand our clients' problems on a mental level

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What you will get as a result

A registered company

Company Statute

Bank account in a Spanish bank

Tax number

Registration in all necessary registers

Process of service delivery


Signing the contract with the client


Collection of documents


Name registration


Account opening


Tax registration


Record in the registers

About us in numbers


Number of clients

We have 315 clients and currently represent 18 families


Number of deals

We concluded 914 deals in 2019


Projects studied

We have studied and prepared over 1000 turnkey projects with varying profitability rates and minimal risks


of regular clients

86% of our clientele are regular clients because they are so happy with us because we are always improving ourselves


Registration of a foreign business in Spain

Service fee: 2900 € + VAT*

Term of registration: ≈ 30 - 45 working days after signing of constituent documents documents from the notary.


Notary fees and registry ≈ 800 € + VAT*.


- 100% as prepayment.


  • Expenses related to the notary and registry
  • Expenses related to obtaining an electronic signature of the company
  • Services related to obtaining documents for foreigners
  • Monthly service
  • 2900 €
  • +VAT

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