Family business

Families own at least 80% of the world’s businesses.

Including such giants as Nike, Heineken, Hermes, IKEA, First Private Brewery, Enzyme.

Every company that wants to pass their business on to the next generation needs a smart succession plan. Pass your business on to your kids, saving both your business and your family.

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About the “Family Business” Course

Millions of family-owned companies are dealing with specific challenges that go far beyond the traditional management, and they must know how to address these challenges so as to achieve commercial impact.

This course will introduce you to the unique skills and knowledge required to manage both large and small local companies.

For whom:

For entrepreneurs who want to start their family business from scratch and for the young successors who want to carry on with the family business

For Business Owners who want to prepare the handover of their business to the next generation

For business owners and family members who want to improve the inner workings of the company

Course objectives:

Attain the unique, creative skills and knowledge needed to run a family business

Establish mechanisms, formats and procedures for preparation and completion of transfer of the business to the next generation

Develop a strategy for the development and scaling of the family business to facilitate the investment process

Determine the formats and principles of participation for family members in the management of the company

Communicative and psychological aspects of relations between the family members and the employees

Involve heirs in your business and get them interested in doing the family business

How does the training proceed?


Training modules with practical tasks.


Live lectures with international experts


Hours of video content


Live workshop sessions with experts and family business owners


Individual online sessions with the advisor


Checklists, templates and contracts


Ready-made project for your family business

New contacts

What tasks will it help to solve:

  1. 01

    Build an effective organisational and job structure for a family business

  2. 02

    Scale a family business

  3. 03

    Avoid the traps that family business owners are prone of falling into

  4. 04

    Get your children ready for doing the family business. What if they don’t want it?

  5. 05

    How to build relationships with employees if they are your relatives

  6. 06

    How to properly pass on a family business to the next generation

Advantages of the course:

You will receive not just theoretical material, but also practical material that you can put to good use in your project

You will get a lot of templates and checklists, as well as a contractual framework for establishing your business

The course is created by the owners of family businesses

Experience of European and domestic experts condensed in one course

You will get new useful contacts

Your project will be judged by the owners of successful family businesses

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Your benefits:

Strategic business development and scaling plan

Regulation on intra-familial communication “family – business”, organisational structure

Family business management diagram, business process model

Drawn up business transfer plan, successor training strategy

Principles and model for creation of a family constitution

Financial model

Course content:

Module 1:

Family business. Creation of the Business Model


The nature, meaning and uniqueness of the family business and the Great Family Business. Types of entrepreneurial activity

You structure your business idea, define your niche and unique trade offer, as well as your competitive advantage.


Influence of national specifics

You will find out how national specifics affect the running of a family business, what are the differences in building business models in various countries and how it affects family companies.


Business Plan for Family Business

Get to know the specifics of a family company business plan, build your business model and development strategy, and learn how to do the long-term planning.


Financial and property management in a family business

Formulate the financial and property resources of your family business, learn how to manage the assets of a family business, implement the risk management policy in your company.


Funding strategies

Learn how to diversify the costs and how to ensure the effective tax strategy, and the meaning of trust and property plans.


Formation of a value proposition

Learn to manage technological, financial and operational risks, designing and implementing the controls.


Family business – the role of marketing and branding

Build a marketing strategy, decide on the internal branding of a family business, and discover how post-covid reality will affect family business marketing.

Practical workshop

Module 2:

Legal Aspects of Family Business


Change of ownership

Learn all aspects of the emergence, termination and inheritance of property rights in Ukraine and in other countries. Identify problems related to changes in property rights (shared family property).


Succession. Transfer of power

Learn about the process of succession, how best and most painlessly transfer the property rights in a family business.


Family constitution

The principles of creation of a family constitution, what it regulates and what it is for. Family company status, roles of the family members in running the company, hiring policies for family members.

Practical workshop

Module 3:

HR and Family Business


Human Resources Management. Roles of successors and employees

Planning of succession and family business guidance for the handover of management to the next generation in the family business. An effective coaching style of the HR management in a family business.


The cycle of conflict in family businesses. Conflict resolution

Identify the type of family conflicts: conflicts of generations, “horizontal” conflicts, “diagonal” conflicts. Conflict Behavior Strategies and Conflict Management Technologies in Family Businesses.


Family management


Family business and family values. What does leadership mean. Leadership properties

Learn to build the intra-familial relationships, protect the reputation of the family and business, and learn how to nurture a leader in the family and identify the skills and abilities of family members.


Intra-familial communication “family – business”

How to develop and preserve harmony in the family, how to distribute roles and responsibilities and to determine the policy of remuneration and employment.


Developing the next generation talents

Talent Management System: strategic and personnel planning. Talent attraction, development and retention methods.

Practical workshop

Module 4:

Family Values, Family Business Ethics


Social Responsibility of Family Business

Pyramid of corporate social responsibility: economic; legal; ethical; social (philanthropic). Features of social responsibility of a family business: selection of areas and practices that are consistent with the values of the family business.


Family business ethics

A company code of ethics based on values and long-term perspectives, principles and rules for the conduct of a family business.


Future of the family business

Structuring a business and its ownership for the future, securing and increasing the family wealth.

Practical workshop. Project defence

Cost of participation:


  • 1 Practical class – 150 €
  • 2 Practical classes – 285 €
  • 3 Practical classes – 420 €
  • 4 Practical classes – 550 €
  • From 1 €


  • 1.5 months
  • 10 lectures
  • 2 individual meetings with your advisor, each 1-hour long
  • Practical classes are not included, are paid separately 
  • Adapt templates and contracts all by yourself
  • Course certificate
  • 490 €


  • 3 months
  • 20 lectures
  • 4 Practical Classes
  • 4 Individual meetings with your advisor, each 1-hour long
  • Adaptation of templates and contracts for your business project with an expert Individual consultation with CEO Laduchi Consult
  • Assessment of the final project by family business experts
  • Certificate of completion
  • 990 €

Frequently Asked Questions


Is there any instalment plan?

We provide an opportunity to split the payment into several instalments (before the start of the training, in the middle of the course).


Is this course suitable for aspiring entrepreneurs?

The course is suitable for everyone who wants to create or improve their family business. You can work on a project in any area. You will learn to understand the needs and opportunities of your business, plan a development strategy and understand financial and accounting statements. You will be able to assess and improve the efficiency of family members on a professional level and design a new business development strategy.


Skills needed before the training

No basic knowledge is required for training, you just need to be able to work in Excel and Google.Docs. You may come to us with an idea already shaped or come to seek inspiration.


Will there be hands-on classes?

Yes. After each block, you will participate in hands-on classes. Practical course is organised so that you can try your hand not just on your own project but also on the projects of your classmates. This way you will attain extra skills.


What project will I be working on?

You will perform all practical tasks, including the final paper, on your own project. This way you will get the most out of your training.

Do you still have questions?

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