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Our company will set up financial, legal and investment processes within your European business

We will help to transfer your existing business to Europe, to scale it and adapt it to the European market or we can implement your unique idea from scratch.

We create a strategy for obtaining bank financing, legal structuring and to handle tax burden.

You will receive a detailed strategic plan for your business development based on:

  • Your desires and abilities
  • Professional expertise 
  • Strengths 

Making it work to your advantage

CEO of Laduchi Consult

David Sheroziia

Founder's Greeting

Creating value as a business advantage


I'm David Sheroziia, the head of Laduchi Consult, a professional consulting firm that will streamline the financial, legal, and investment processes in your European business.

We understand that doing business in Spain can be complicated by language and legal barriers. Our team of licensed experts will help you navigate these challenges and support you at every step.

Our knowledge of the local market and the ability to communicate with clients on a shared mental wavelength allows us to understand your needs more precisely and bring your business ideas to life efficiently and promptly.

With us, you can be confident that you won't make critical mistakes that turn business migration into a nightmare.

The purpose of the company


We strive to become the most effective partners for our clients in creating and scaling business in Europe, whilst preserving and increasing their financial assets.

Scope of the company


We provide financial, legal and investment consulting services to individuals and legal entities.

our services

Methods for achieving goals


To develop the business of our clients, we study the task set before us from different points of view, paying special attention to the smallest details, always trying to find a non-standard solution for the most complex problems, we increase the transparency of the business processes of our clients, enhancing the efficiency and flexibility of companies. In addition to optimisation and automation of processes, we focus on creating a successful family business that can be passed on to heirs.

Our customers are so happy with us because we are never happy with ourselves

Philosophy in Laduchi Consult

Basic principles of the company


Calm and comfortable conduct of business in European countries is possible and is a must for scaling. We are convinced that our business consulting services will enable our clients to do what they love.

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