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by Hanaa Turkistani

Your experienced guide to the world of European business

We assist business owners and top executives in building their businesses in Spain and Switzerland, freeing them from operational routine

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Laduchi Сonsult

Founder's Greeting

David Sheroziia

CEO of Laduchi Consult

Creating value as a business advantage


I'm David Sheroziia, the head of Laduchi Consult, a professional consulting firm that will streamline the financial, legal, and investment processes in your European business.

We understand that doing business in Spain can be complicated by language and legal barriers. Our team of licensed experts will help you navigate these challenges and support you at every step.

Our knowledge of the local market and the ability to communicate with clients on a shared mental wavelength allows us to understand your needs more precisely and bring your business ideas to life efficiently and promptly.

With us, you can be confident that you won't make critical mistakes that turn business migration into a nightmare.


Our services

Financial consulting

Legal consulting

Investment consulting

Financial consulting

Business Plan Development

We will create a full-fledged business plan for the implementation of ideas

Bank financing

Assistance in obtaining the funds for a new project or existing business in a European bank at European rates.

Banking Compliance Consulting

We will help you to pass the procedure of bank compliance

Due diligence

Helps potential investors and companies to understand the nature of the deal, the associated risks and to identify weaknesses in the project structure

Opening a bank account in Europe

It is no secret that it is increasingly difficult to open a foreign bank account; this will soon be impossible without the licensed financial advisor help, and there are few such consultants on the market.

Tax planning

Maintaining the optimum balance between tax payments and ensuring the financial sustainability of your business.

Legal consulting

KYC/AML procedure

Independently carry out KYC/AML checks and prepare a full package of documents for submission to financial institutions.

Legal support

A full range of services from consultation to solution.

Mergers and acquisitions

The goal is to create a single structure and combine several companies into a single body, we carry out the business processes reorganisation and a single corporate culture

Monitoring of the court trial

Monitoring the effectiveness of the hired lawyers is necessary for identification and adjustment of the methods and time factors in achieving the goals and objectives

Obtaining a second citizenship

Full support for obtaining citizenship

Registration of a company in Spain

Open your company in Europe and get all the benefits of doing business in the EU

Tax disputes

We offer assistance with representing the interests of taxpayers in litigation, including appealing against decisions of tax authorities in cases of unjustified tax benefits.

Investment consulting

Real estate investment

As a rule, a property owner does not take active steps to develop its business. The most important thing when one invests in real estate is to determine the purpose for any such investment.

Turnkey Investments

Professional, comprehensive solutions for manufacturers, distribution companies and other businesses.

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Clients of Laduchi Consult


Owners of companies

seeking to acquire a ready-made manufacturing business and minimize their operational involvement.


Top managers of companies

aiming to enhance the efficiency and performance of the business after its acquisition. We provide comprehensive business support, including Due Diligence services in all aspects of the business, including scaling and seeking financing.



aim to receive assistance in formulating a growth strategy, ensuring a successful launch, or expanding their business into the European market.


Number of deals

We concluded 1000+ deals