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by Hanaa Turkistani

Our services

Financial consulting

Legal consulting

Investment consulting

Online training

Package solutions

Tax planning

The goal is to maintain an optimal balance between tax payments in order to obtain financial stability in your business.

Companies and individuals financing

Assistance in obtaining financing for a new project or operational business in a European bank with European rates.

Due diligence

It helps potential investors and companies understand the nature of the transaction, the associated risks, and identify weaknesses in the project structure.

Development Business Plan

We help you prepare a project for potential investors, future partners, banking institutions, etc.

Account opening

It is no secret that it is increasingly difficult to open a foreign bank account; this will soon be impossible without the licensed financial advisor help, and there are few such consultants on the market.


The IPO (Initial Public Offering) is one of the popular ways that companies can try to raise capital. By initiating an IPO, a company places a certain number of shares on the stock exchange to attract investors.

About us in numbers


Количество клиентов

В настоящее время мы представляем интересы 18 семей.


Количество сделок

Общее количество заключенных нами сделок, за 2019г.


Изученных проектов

Мы изучаем и подготавливаем проекты под ключ, с разной доходностью и минимальными рисками.


Постоянных клиентов

Наши клиенты потому так довольны нами, потому что мы никогда не довольны собой.