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by Hanaa Turkistani

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Laduchi Consult – we work with the owners of companies to increase the efficiency of their business

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Laduchi Сonsult

A message from our CEO

Lado Sheroziia

Founder and CEO

Creating value as a business advantage.


I am Lado Sheroziia – the founder and CEO of Laduchi Consult.

Our mission is to ensure the successful business of our clients. We believe that high-level European consulting from licensed professionals should be available and we want you to think this way to create, with our help a product that is valuable to the consumer. It is a valuable creation that will become an advantage to your successful business.

We provide financial, investment and legal consulting services to individuals and legal entities.

We promote calm and comfortable conduct of business in European countries by taking care to avoid critical mistakes that can make business emigration a nightmare!


Our services

Financial consulting

Legal consulting

Investment consulting

Online education

Package solutions

Financial consulting

Tax planning

Maintaining the optimum balance between tax payments and ensuring the financial sustainability of your business.

Bank financing services

Assistance in obtaining the funds for a new project or existing business in a European bank at European rates.

Due diligence

Helps potential investors and companies to understand the nature of the deal, the associated risks and to identify weaknesses in the project structure

Business Plan Development

A document for presentation to potential investors, future partners and banking institutions. It will allow you to present a project for obtaining investment or lending, agreeing on development plans, assessing investment attractiveness.

Opening a bank account in Europe

It is no secret that it is increasingly difficult to open a foreign bank account; this will soon be impossible without the licensed financial advisor help, and there are few such consultants on the market.

IPO listing

IPO is one of the popular ways to raise capital. When starting an IPO, a company will list a certain number of shares on the stock exchange to attract investors.

Legal consulting

Registration of a company in Europe

Open your company in Europe and get all the benefits of doing business in the EU

Monitoring of the court trial

Monitoring the effectiveness of the hired lawyers is necessary for identification and adjustment of the methods and time factors in achieving the goals and objectives

Recognition of foreign judgments

Even if you have won a court trial in your home country, you need qualified assistance for this judgment to be passed and enforced in a foreign state

Legal aid

For legal entities and individuals related to the taxation, legality of doing business, other legal matters, as well as representation of the interests in the governmental and judicial authorities

Tax disputes

We offer assistance with representing the interests of taxpayers in litigation, including appealing against decisions of tax authorities in cases of unjustified tax benefits.

Investment consulting

Investment strategies

They will help you get the desired result from investments in the stock market or create an investment portfolio

Capital planning

A strategy and a clearly defined goal are important for any business. Correct structuring of the capital can help maintain its longevity for several generations, reduce the risks and improve the efficiency of asset allocation and management

Real estate investment

As a rule, a property owner does not take active steps to develop its business. The most important thing when one invests in real estate is to determine the purpose for any such investment.

Investing in the stock market

The stock market allows you to receive passive income and implement a variety of financial goals: save up for retirement, buy housing, educate children, just increase your capital, or even become an additional item of family income

Investing in the real sector

The Smart Money model works best in this type of investment, when the investor joins the projects in the businesses it understands the best, and can use its competencies to help the company

Environmental investment

In сonnection with the widespread growing interest in environmental problems, the environment protection projects are becoming increasingly popular

Online education

Smart business immigration

Designed by the European practicing experts, this course will give you the knowledge you need to start your business from scratch or to scale up an existing enterprise.

Creation of Online Courses

Online education is one of the most profitable and promising areas of business.

Package solutions

Anti-Crisis Package

Increasing the immunity of your business

Business control 360º Package

Creation or correction of a structured, transparent, and efficient commercial system for your European company

Investment Financing Package

Provision of a long-term loan by a financial institution or an investor for an investment project collateralized by property, valuables, guarantees, sureties.

Project Manager Package

Project management will help where the business owner is unable to handle the situation alone

Mergers and acquisitions Package

The goal is to create a single structure and combine several companies into a single body, we carry out the business processes reorganisation and a single corporate culture

About us in numbers


Number of clients

We have 315 clients and currently represent 18 families


Number of deals

We concluded 914 deals in 2019


Projects studied

We have studied and prepared over 1000 turnkey projects with varying profitability rates and minimal risks


of regular clients

86% of our clientele are regular clients because they are so happy with us because we are always improving ourselves