Opening a bank account in Europe

We will provide a full package of documents, will help to pass the internal bank check, will fully control the process of opening and will make sure that the account is activated in time.

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Opening a bank account in the European Union

It has become more difficult to open a bank account in Europe: internal bank inspections are more and more demanding, and KYC/AML can take several months. In this regard, Laduchi Consult offers an account opening support service to shorten the process as much as possible and increase the chances of success.

Who it will be useful for:

People who want to move to Europe

People who want to buy real estate in Europe

Entrepreneurs starting a new business in Europe, or relocating an existing business

Entrepreneurs looking for additional business financing

The tasks that will help to solve:

  1. 01

    To open an account in a European bank

  2. 02

    Get bank financing at low-interest rates

  3. 03

    Avoid high inflation rates

  4. 04

    Confirm the origin of funds and obtain permission for international transfers and direct account deposits

  5. 05

    To unfreeze a bank account

Why us?

We understand the tasks of our clients on a mental level

We use the latest European business building trends in our work

Our practicing experts hold all the necessary European licenses

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What you get as a result:

Comprehensive support in opening an account

Control of terms, a package of documents, verification, and other issues

Opened and activated account in a European bank

The account opening process:


Determining the purpose of opening an account


Collection of documents


Preparation of documents for the bank's internal review


Submission of documents to the bank


Account Activation at the bank


Opening a bank account in EU

Individuals without a residence permit

Legal entities non-residents

  • from 750 €
  • + VAT

Opening an Account in a European Bank

  • Europe attracts business people and investors due to its reliable banking systems and attractive economic opportunities. Spain is no exception. Opening an account in a Spanish bank is crucial for those who want to conduct business or live in this country.

    Individuals choose Spanish bank accounts for the convenience of transactions within the country, especially when considering property purchases or residing here. Quick access to funds, the possibility of obtaining a local bank loan, and favorable deposit rates make this decision appealing. Regarding non-resident bank accounts in Spain, it's crucial to approach the process cautiously. Banks tend to examine applications from this customer segment closely, and without adequate preparation, the internal review process can take several months.

    For businesses, the question is even broader. Having an account in a foreign bank provides:

    • The opportunity for settlements with international partners.
    • Making mandatory payments.
    • Implementing payroll projects.
    • Introducing corporate cards.
    • Other operations are necessary for business scaling.
    • Additionally, it allows for more efficient collaboration with partners within Europe, facilitating financial transactions.

    Choosing an EU bank account bank and the account-opening process require local market knowledge. Laduchi Consult has been helping its clients integrate into Spain's economic environment for many years, providing expert support at every stage.

  • Regarding international activities, many business people and individuals consider opening an account abroad. Spain often tops this list with its stable economic system and favorable conditions for foreign investors. But what features and challenges might await you?

    Choice of Bank:
    European banks actively engage with international clients, providing options for remote account opening. However, personal presence is frequently necessary in Spain, particularly at some stages. Based on our experience, Santander is considered the best bank for expats in Spain, closely followed by BBVA. If you're exploring options among smaller banks, consider ING Bank.

    Document Requirements:
    Despite providing a standard list of requirements, our experience shows that foreign companies and non-resident individuals often need additional documents. In the first case, this could be a detailed business plan, and in the second case, proof of the source of funds. For instance, one of our Ukrainian clients, opening an account for his Spanish distribution company, faced the bank's requirement to provide contracts with European partners. Despite the initial absence of this requirement, it became necessary for final approval.

    Transparency in Your Intentions:
    Financial flows and transactions must align with your company's profile and leading activities. Unclear or mismatched payments may raise additional questions from the bank, requiring clarification or evidence. For example, if your company specializes in providing medical services, incoming payments from organizations in the agricultural sector might raise questions and necessitate additional explanations.

    Over the years, Laduchi Consult experts have built strong relationships with bank services and directly with directors of leading Spanish banks. This allows us to expedite and simplify the account-opening process, minimize potential obstacles, and ensure a high level of service for our clients. If you are seeking genuinely competent support, contact us.

  • When considering the need to open an account in a Spanish bank, particularly for foreign companies and non-resident individuals, the question of selecting the right bank arises. To make an informed decision, pay attention to the following aspects.

    Bank's Policy Toward Non-Residents:
    Understanding how willing the bank is to collaborate with foreign clients, including individuals and companies, is essential. Some banks may exercise caution in dealing with specific customer categories. Research the criteria used to assess potential clients in advance.

    Types of Accounts:
    Check if the bank offers services for opening checking accounts that meet your needs.

    Currency Operations:
    Analyze which currencies are available for transactions and whether they align with your business.

    Fees and Conditions:
    Evaluate the cost of services, commissions, and other possible expenses in the chosen bank.

    Reputation and Reliability:
    When choosing a bank, consider its rating, customer reviews, performance indicators, and strategic prospects.

    Before you make a final decision, conduct a detailed analysis and weigh all the pros and cons. Your choice should be based not only on current needs but also on long-term development plans. The right bank can become a reliable partner on the path to the growth of your business. Our experts will help you open a bank account in Spain, accompanying you at every stage, reducing the process as much as possible, and increasing your chances of success.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is it possible for a non-resident to open an account with a European bank?

You may open an account with a European bank without being a resident. To do this, you will need to provide documents to the bank confirming that you have income in your country of residence, and other documents that the bank may require you to submit.


Is it possible to open an account in a European bank remotely?

At the moment, European banks do not open accounts remotely. Opening an account with a European bank requires personal presence of the applicant. You should file your preliminary request with the bank where you want to open an account, clarify the list of documents that need to be provided and know when you are going to visit the bank in order to minimise the length of the trip.


Is it possible to open an account in a European bank in US dollars?

You can open a foreign currency account with a European bank. At the moment, to open an account with a European bank, you need to present your original passport and a certificate of employment printed out on a letterhead.


Can the bank block the account or restrict access to the funds?

The bank may request documentary evidence of the origin of money (a certificate from your employer, a certificate of income from the lease of real estate, a certificate of income from a bank deposit, etc.) in order to understand that you are not engaged in money laundering and the money is legitimate.

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