KYC/AML procedure

Independently carry out KYC/AML checks and prepare a full package of documents for submission to financial institutions.

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KYC and AML are procedures that banks, bookmakers, exchanges and other financial institutions are required to perform before they start working with a client.

Laduchi Consult can carry out a procedure tailored to the end financial institution that will help you:

  1. Increase the chances of account opening approval
  2. Reduce review timeframes
  3. Avoid risks and errors or getting rejected

Who will benefit from this service?

Persons looking to open a bank account or start working with financial institutions

Companies seeking to restructure their business

Companies whose operations are under particular scrutiny

Entrepreneurs need to prove the source of funds

What tasks will help to solve

  1. 01

    Check the company or individual for suspicious transactions

  2. 02

    Prove the origin of money

  3. 03

    Start a partnership with a financial institution

  4. 04

    Open an account at a financial institution

  5. 05

    Pass compliance control

  6. 06

    Start a legal business in the EU

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What you get as a result

Full set of documents to submit to a financial institution

Report on the involvement of a company or individual in suspicious transactions

Confirmation of origin of funds

Process of service provision


Definition of the end point of verification


Verification of identity, constitutional documents and related counterparties


Auditing of a company or individual for suspicious transactions


Collection of information on the origin of funds


Generation of reports and supporting documents


Creating a smart map to trace relationships with other companies or counterparties


KYC/AML inspection

The final price depends on the amount of work and depth of examination

  • From 1600 €
  • + VAT

Frequently Asked Questions


Why do I need to do the due diligence beforehand?

It will help you to detect any problems in advance and eliminate them before submitting the documents to the financial institution.

If you provide a complete package of documents right away, without any additional request, it will show the financial institution that you have nothing to hide and will ultimately speed up the entire process.


Can I do the background check myself?

With a fairly scrupulous approach, you can gather all the documents yourself. But most likely the final organization will double-check the data and if there are any inconsistencies or additional questions, can make the process more difficult to pass, or refuse to open an account or other process at all.

Another benefit of going through an audit with a reputable consulting agency is the credibility of the verdicts.

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