Real estate investment

Investing in real estate is also called passive income.

As a rule, a property owner does not take active steps to develop its business. The most important thing when one invests in real estate is to determine the purpose for any such investment.

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Real estate investment

You can invest in both residential and commercial real estate. But in order to make the invested funds work, you need to choose an investment strategy: short-term or long-term. The payback period for your purchase will depend on this.

For whom:

Investors who want to get “passive” income and protect money from inflation

Investors who want to create an investment portfolio, including various types of investments

Investors who want to find highly profitable development projects

Individuals who wish to obtain a "golden" visa

What we can help with:

  1. 01

    Get stable “passive” income

  2. 02

    Protect money from inflation

  3. 03

    Make a profit by reselling real estate

  4. 04

    Invest in European real estate to get the status of a resident

Why us?

Our practicing experts hold all the necessary European licenses

We understand the tasks of our clients on a mental level

An extensive base of investment projects

Extensive experience in creating investment portfolios

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Your benefits:

Additional stable income

Membership in a liquid investment project

Protection of capital

European residence “Golden Visa”

Minimised risks

Service provision process:


We consult


We define your tasks


We conclude a contract for the provision of services


Determine if additional funding or partners are needed


Choose a suitable object for investment


Raise additional funding if necessary


Registration of purchase and sale contracts




Making records in the state register

Frequently Asked Questions


Residential and commercial real estate. What's better?

Residential real estate usually requires smaller expenditures, which is why most novice investors choose it. A more complex and often more expensive option is investment in non-residential properties: offices, retail spaces, warehouses, hotel compounds and other facilities and other such facilities.


What is better: to invest in a finished object or invest when construction is under way?

It depends on the project and on the state of affairs of the selling side. Of course, it is more profitable to invest in a development project at the stage of design or commencement of construction, but you need to make sure that the developer is a reliable company.


When will I start making a profit?

The good thing about real estate is that it can provide a stable income in the form of rent for a long time (for decades at the minimum), but the long payback period is a disadvantage.

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