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We will help you find a European bank with a favourable rate, prepare a strong business plan, collect the necessary documentation and present your idea in the most convincing form

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Bank financing services for companies and individual entrepreneurs

European banks are checking not only the package of documents, but also the prospects of the idea itself. Laduchi Consult will help you find a suitable bank with favourable conditions and prepare for a meeting with representatives of the bank. This way you can save your time and increase the chances of approval.

Who will benefit from this service?

Startups and small to medium-sized businesses looking to expand

Entrepreneurs aiming to scale their ventures

Manufacturers in need of additional funding

Businesses are facing challenges

Your benefits:

Determining the purpose of the loan

Complete borrower profile

Business plan and a structured package of documents

Determining the most suitable financial institution

Case package for submission to the bank

Individual work and preparation you for the interview

What we can help with

  1. 01

    Implement a business idea

  2. 02

    To scale the company

  3. 03

    Stay afloat during the crisis

Why us?

Our practicing experts hold all the necessary European licenses

We understand the tasks of our clients on a mental level

We use the latest European business building trends in our work

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What you get as a result:

List of suitable banks

Full package of documents for submission

The generated profile of the borrower and a clear presentation for the bank

Service provision process:


We conduct an initial consultation to identify the need


We conclude a contract for the provision of services


We analyse and collect a package of documents


We are working on a presentation for the bank


We submit a package of documents


We are preparing for an interview with a representative of the bank

Service package prices and rates:

“Business” Package

  • 3.5 % of the amount of attracted financing from 100,000€
  • 2,500 € of the amount of attracted financing less than 100,000€
  • From 2500 €
  • + VAT

Bank Financing

  • Financing for business in Spain is an intricate process that demands in-depth knowledge of the local market. The banking sector is characterized by strict regulation from the Central Bank of Spain, emphasizing personal relationships and trust between the bank and the borrower. Add to this the wide range of financial products, each with its specifications, as well as cultural and language nuances in corporate communication, and you get a complex yet fascinating picture of the country's business environment. What banks consider when deciding on credit can be found in this article.

    This is precisely why many firms and individual entrepreneurs seek assistance from the experts at Laduchi Consult. For many years, our team of experienced lawyers and financiers has helped navigate the complexities of bank financing in Spain and optimized the entire process, making it as advantageous and efficient as possible for the client. We understand that each business is unique, and our approach is based on the individuality and deep understanding of the needs of each client.

    By choosing Laduchi Consult, you're not just getting consultancy – you're gaining full-fledged support from seasoned experts dedicated to ensuring your success in the Spanish market. Whether you're looking to expand your production, boost your turnover, or explore new markets, our team is prepared to assist you every step of the way. We specialize in start up business financing and large business loans.

  • In Spain, various types of business financing are available. Choosing the appropriate type depends on the goals and nature of your company's activities and the availability of different credit options in European countries.

    1. Enterprise Loans:
      Enterprises can benefit from various credit products. Short-term loans can help companies manage working capital efficiently, ensuring liquidity during increased operational demands. On the flip side, long-term financing can be employed for strategic investments, such as the modernization of production. Banks are also willing to discuss the individual needs of enterprises and provide support in addressing operational challenges. For instance, in the case of potential delays in customer payments, the bank may take responsibility for paying employees' salaries on behalf of the company.

    2. Overdraft:
      An overdraft is a short-term credit that allows companies to temporarily go into a negative balance on their current account without funds. This mechanism enables firms to maintain continuous operations, covering short-term economic obligations, such as closing a cash gap. Overdraft terms, including interest rates and limits, depend on the agreement with the bank.

    3. Credit Lines:
      Unlike the traditional approach, a credit line gives a company financing within an established limit. It is akin to a "reserve" that the enterprise can use as needed, providing flexibility in managing temporary or seasonal monetary needs without the need to apply for a new loan each time.

    4. Factoring:
      Bank factoring allows companies instant financing based on their accounts receivable. Instead of waiting for customer payment, a company can sell its accounts receivable to a bank or financial institution. This not only improves the company's liquidity by providing access to funds but also shortens payment terms, allowing the business to respond promptly to changes in the monetary flow. Factoring simplifies economic planning and enhances financial flexibility by freeing funds for current operations and strategic development.

    5. Leasing:
      Leasing services allow companies to rent equipment or real estate with an option to purchase in the future. This financing method benefits enterprises seeking to upgrade equipment with minimal initial investments. Instead of the total purchase cost, the company can rent the necessary assets monthly, preserving liquidity and spreading costs over time. After the leasing period ends, the enterprise can purchase the asset at a pre-agreed price, making this financing flexible and efficient for equipment upgrades without substantial economic commitments.

    6. Guarantees and Bank Sureties:
      Bank guarantees and sureties are tools provided by banks to companies to confirm the financial reliability of a business when participating in tenders or entering into contracts. These are legal documents expressing the bank's readiness to fulfill the company's financial obligations in case of non-compliance. Providing such guarantees enhances the trust of partners involved in business transactions and can be a critical factor in winning tenders.

    7. Mortgage Loans for Business:
      Enterprises can get business loans to acquire commercial real estate or expand their operations, using the property as collateral for advantageous financing. These mortgage loans allow them to grow, improve working conditions, or diversify their operations by acquiring additional assets.

    8. Government Guarantees and Support:
      State-guaranteed programs and subsidies offer this financing to encourage development in Spain's strategically important industries or regions. These measures include guaranteed loans and subsidies aimed at stimulating innovation, sustainable development, and enhancing the competitiveness of businesses. Access to such measures provides economic support and opens up broad opportunities for enterprises to strengthen their role in strategically important sectors, fostering their growth and successful implementation of innovative projects.

    9. Laduchi Consult bridges your company's needs and the opportunities the Spanish market offers. Our team of experts has been assisting business immigrants in finding optimal solutions for obtaining bank financing for many years.

Frequently Asked Questions


What determines the price of the service?

The cost depends on the complexity of the case and on the package of accounting services


What is considered a startup?

A unique business idea and a lack of funding for its implementation, as well as the lack of legal structuring.


In which industries can I get funding?

We help to obtain funding in almost any industry


Can I get financing from a European bank, if my business is outside the EU?

Yes, you can, but there are many nuances that may affect the outcome. For more detailed information fill in the form on the right

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