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Turnkey Investments

Professional, comprehensive solutions for manufacturers, distribution companies and other businesses.

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Business in the new political and economic reality!

Global changes are new opportunities for growth. Growth ensures the quality and speed of business adaptation to new conditions. We help you expand your business in Europe, adapt it to the European market and implement any business idea.

Turnkey investments will help to avoid difficulties caused by unstable political and economic situations.

For whom:

For investors who want to be involved in production rather than investing in a startup

For them, who wants to invest in projects in his or her area of expertise to help the company grow (the Smart Money model - the investor goes into projects where he or she understands the business and can help the company grow using his or her expertise)

For investors who want to create an investment portfolio by including various types of investments and are looking for operationally effective companies with growth potential


Conducting all kinds of market research

Search the market for a particular product. R&D management

Business plan and marketing strategy for entering foreign markets

Legal support and starting a business

Turnkey business relocation programs

Opening offices, representative offices

Searching and negotiating with partners, customers, suppliers and other tasks

Promotion in foreign markets

Legal support of business

Other services

What tasks will help to solve:

  1. 01

    Scale up your business / Start a business in the EU

  2. 02

    Invest in existing projects

  3. 03

    Become an expert in your own investment project

  4. 04

    Pass on capital to the next generation

  5. 05

    Diversify investments

  6. 06

    Minimize risks

The advantages of Laduchi Consult

All necessary European licenses

Understanding of our clients' tasks on a mental level

Extensive database of interesting investment projects

Strong experience in creating investment portfolios

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What the client will receive as a result:

The most suitable projects for investment

Participation in investment projects with minimal risks

A risk assessment by a professional team

Opportunity to participate in global projects

Opportunity to pass on to future generations

Opportunity to scale the business

Technology of service delivery:


Conduct the consultation


Define your tasks


Sign a service agreement


Determine the suitable areas for investment


Formation of strategy


Creation of investment portfolio


Implementation of the strategy

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the best industries to invest on?

Information Technology (IT sector), FinTech sector, Jewelry sector, Real estate and construction sector, Agrarian sector, Alternative energy sector, FMCG, Manufacturing (recycling), Robotics, Shipbuilding.

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