Due diligence

Carry out the Due Diligence procedure now and get an independent expert assessment of the activities of the company you are interested in

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Due diligence

Helps potential investors and companies to understand the nature of the deal, the associated risks and to identify weaknesses in the project structure

For whom:

For entrepreneurs and top managers who want to avoid certain risks associated with the acquisition and sale of a business

For companies that want to go public

For companies preparing for a merger or acquisition

What we can help you with:

  1. 01

    Identify any mistakes and shortcomings in the company's activities

  2. 02

    Optimize financial and business processes

  3. 03

    Increase the productivity of business processes;

  4. 04

    Assess the compliance of current activities with applicable laws

Why us?

Our practicing experts hold all the necessary European licenses

We understand the tasks of our clients on a mental level

We use the latest European business building trends in our work

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What will you get as a result:

A detailed analysis of the company's activities

Identification of weak points in the structure

Recommendations for elimination of identified problems

Detailed report on the company's activities for partners and potential investors

Service delivery process:


We determine the goals and estimate the scope of work


Signing a contract with the client


Collation of a document package


Service implementation


Due diligence

From 13.500 + VAT
depending on the scope of work*

  • From 13500 €
  • +VAT

Due Diligence

  • In today's economic reality, where risks and opportunities coexist side by side, a thorough analysis of a company becomes the key to successful investments. Every executive or investor aiming to expand their business in Spain needs a deep understanding of the feasibility of potential investments. Here is where Due Diligence audits step in to assist.

    It is a detailed and comprehensive examination, including the collection and analysis of documentation, risk assessment, and preparing a full report on the target company or asset. Its goal is to help investors and top-level managers avoid possible mistakes, uncover hidden pitfalls, and create a strategy for future interaction with the investment object.

    At Laduchi Consult, we have assembled a team of experts with years of experience in legal and financial due diligence for various business projects. We don't just drive an analysis – we delve into the essence of your business. Our approach ensures a deep understanding of every detail, allowing you to make informed decisions based on accurate data.

  • Investments always come with a certain level of risk, but the ability to analyze them correctly can significantly reduce the likelihood of mistakes. In this context, the Due Diligence procedure acts as your shield against unexpected «surprises».

    Buying a stake in a company or property:
    Imagine you are planning to buy a stake in a Spanish company. Performing due diligence will help determine if the chosen enterprise has debts to employees, regulatory bodies, or partners and identify the presence or absence of other legal issues that may influence your decision.

    Mergers or acquisitions:
    The process of mergers and acquisitions requires a deep examination of potential partners. Within Due Diligence, Laduchi Consult experts conduct financial and legal audits, ensuring complete transparency and minimizing crisis points. Ensuring transaction success is fundamental and guaranteed through this step.

    Investing in startups or projects:
    In the context of an audit, when investing in an IT startup, the primary focus is on analyzing the project's technological innovation, market positioning, and unique competitive advantages compared to other industry players.

    Significant changes in a company:
    Substantial changes within a company may require a thorough examination of its current asset or liability status to facilitate well-informed decision-making during a corporate restructuring.

    The Due Diligence process is not just a formality. This is a complex and multifaceted study that requires some expertise and knowledge of the local business environment. We have brought together a team of international experts and world-renowned partners ready to provide high-quality support at all stages of this process.

  • In today's economic landscape, conducting Due Diligence has become crucial for many firms planning expansion or investment in the international market. Thanks to its strategic position and economic potential, Spain is no exception. Let's delve into how to conduct such a comprehensive examination using this country as an example.

    Team Formation:
    The Due Diligence process begins with assembling a qualified team. The research's success hinges on selecting experts covering all aspects of the examined entity. Complex corporate structures may require the expertise of an experienced lawyer and HR specialist. A professional financial analyst is indispensable when assessing the company's financial health. Each specialist contributes, ensuring a deep understanding of the company's current state and potential barriers.

    Document verification:
    Here, a lawyer meticulously examines all documents related to the company's operations. Scrutinizing each document for legal cleanliness and compliance with Spanish legislation includes licenses, intellectual property rights, and contracts with partners and clients. This process helps identify potential legal and financial risks related to the company's operations and evaluate its corporate structure and management level.

    In-Depth Analysis:
    Detailed analysis systematically breaks down the enterprise's potential economic, operational, and legal risks. Experts scrutinize the entity's balance sheet, profit and loss statements, and cash flow to determine its financial stability and growth prospects. We pay special attention to evaluating the entity's current market position and analyzing its target audience and market share. Additionally, we explore corporate culture, management structure, technological infrastructure, and other vital aspects of the entity's operations.

    Final Stage – Report:
    The process concludes by documenting the findings as a detailed report. This document presents all the key findings uncovered during the investigation. Based on the data, the report includes recommendations for the investor or enterprise leadership, aiding in making informed decisions regarding future investments or corporate actions.

    Conducting due diligence is more than just a formality. It is a complex and multifaceted investigation requiring specific expertise and knowledge of the local business environment. We have assembled a team of international experts and renowned partners ready to provide high-quality support at every stage of this process.

Frequently Asked Questions


When is Due Diligence necessary?

Due diligence is usually carried out at the time of purchase of a business, as well as before commencement of a cooperation or investing money in another company. It implies the formation of a complete understanding of the investment object.


What kind of specialists perform the procedure?

The due diligence operation involves a team of specialists from three areas who investigate specific aspects: lawyers analyze the legal risks that may arise, accountants and auditors look at the state of the reporting, investment analysts determine how much income the buyer will receive from the deal or how much investment needs to be made in order for the business to work.


Who carries out the due diligence – the seller or the buyer?

The buyer and the seller may both carry out the DD procedure in the course of purchase (sale) of a business, which will be advantageous to both parties.

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