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Registration of a company in Europe

Open your company in Europe and get all the benefits of doing business in the EU

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Registration of a company in Europe

We help to obtain new opportunities to do business and expand your geography, become an equal partner of European companies and/or work under the same conditions and in the same legal field

For whom:

Business owners who want to expand an existing business

Entrepreneurs who want to get funding for their business;

Entrepreneurs who want to start a new business on the European market

Business owners who want to protect businesses from an unstable political and economic system

What we can help with:


Protection against raiders


Tax optimisation


No restrictions on doing business in the EU


Low inflation and stable exchange rate


Reliable banking system and low interest rates


Stable political and economic system

Why us?

Our practicing experts hold all the necessary European licenses

We understand the tasks of our clients on a mental level

We use the latest European business building trends in our work

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Your benefits:

You get a registered European company with an efficient business structure, protected from an unstable political and economic system

Registration process:


Determine the legal form of the company and the core activity of the company, choose a name


Preparation of the Business Plan


Registration of the company name in the register


Opening of a bank account and deposition of the authorized capital (from 3,000.00 €, depending on the legal form of the company)




Registration of the company in the state register


Registration with the tax authorities


Activation of the bank account

About us in numbers


Number of clients

We have 315 clients and currently represent 18 families


Number of deals

We concluded 914 deals in 2019


Projects studied

We have studied and prepared over 1000 turnkey projects with varying profitability rates and minimal risks


of regular clients

86% of our clientele are regular clients because they are so happy with us because we are always improving ourselves


Registration of the company

Open your company in Europe and get all the benefits of doing business in the EU

  • From 1600 €
  • + VAT

Frequently Asked Questions


Is it possible to set up a company remotely?

You can prepare all the documents necessary for the setting up and the appointment of an authorized person who will complete the process but the founders absolutely must turn up personally.


Do I have to get a license?

The first-time entrepreneur needs to get a business permit or a license, if the selected type of business is subject to licensing. Some types of businesses in Spain are subject to mandatory licensing. Which means, the businesses in the kingdom are under strict controls.


Should I register the brand and where else will the registration be valid?

The entrepreneur may register the unique trade name (name of the company) or a trade mark within Spain. If necessary, the entrepreneur may have the scope of the brand extended to other EU states. The trade name or trade mark may differ from the official name of the company.


Can the founder be the manager of the company?

When you submit documents for registration, keep in mind that some forms of business (e.g., Sociedad Limitada or Sociedad Anonima) require that the manager of your company is a local resident. Under the laws of Spain, only Spanish citizens are allowed to hold the position of the managing director. In some cases, the owner of the company (non-resident) may act as a manager, albeit with limited rights.


What form of incorporation should I choose?

There are quite a lot of forms of incorporation to choose from, depending on the type of business you intend to conduct:

  • Limited liability company - Sociedad de Responsabilidad Limitada (S.R.L. / S.L.)
  • Newly created limited liability company - Sociedad Limitada Nueva Empresa (S.L.N.E.)
  • Unlimited liability company - Sociedad Colectiva
  • Limited liability partnership - Sociedad Comanditaria
  • Joint-stock company - Sociedad Anónima (S.A.)
  • Closed joint-stock company - Sociedad Laboral
  • Joint ownership - Comunidad de Bienes
  • Partnership - Sociedad Civil (S.C.)
  • Cooperative - Sociedad Cooperativa
  • Individual entrepreneur - Empresario Individual / Autónomo

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