Business Plan Development

We will create a full-fledged business plan for the implementation of ideas. The document is suitable for presentation to investors, partners, employees, or the state. We will develop an economic model and prescribe all the important elements.

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We will draw up a professional business plan that will prove the viability and independence of your project.

A fully formulated business plan will save you time and reduce the risk of failure to invest. Additionally, we will conduct a presentation training to strengthen the impact on the audience.

For whom

Companies that want to scale their business

Entrepreneurs who are looking for investors and partners

A business that is planing to restructure

What we can help with

  1. 01

    To coordinate the company's strategic development plans

  2. 02

    Evaluate the investment attractiveness of the project

  3. 03

    Conclude agreements with partners and investors

  4. 04

    Prepare the ground for scaling the company

  5. 05

    Identify fundamental business ideas

Why us?

Because we have already created over 300 business plans and 86% of our projects have received bank or private financing

Our practicing experts hold all the necessary European licenses

We understand the tasks of our clients on a mental level

We use the latest European business building trends in our work

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Benefits that you get as a result:

A properly structured Business Plan document

Complete presentation for your business plan

Modifiable financial model in Excel format

Service provision process


Initial consultation and determination of initial data


Creation of a financial calculation


Filling in the key sections of the business plan


Presentation training


Preparation of the final document



  • Business plan. It is suitable for presentation to investors, colleagues, partners or a state regulator.
  • Financial model. It will help to assess the investment attractiveness, agree on a development plan and express the viability of the project in numbers.
  • Presentation. A presentation compiled by experts and marketers that will help to present the project, focus on the strong and close objections.
  • From 3500 €
  • + VAT (21%)

Individual Business Plan

  • Business plan. It is suitable for presentation to investors, colleagues, partners or a state regulator.
  • Multilingual changeable financial model in Excel format. It will help to assess the investment attractiveness, agree on a development plan and express the viability of the project in numbers.
  • Presentation. A presentation compiled by experts and marketers that will help to present the project, focus on the strong and close objections.
  • Training. We will tell you how to present the material in the language of the investor, convey the main idea, answer questions and prove the viability of the project.
  • From 7500 €
  • + VAT (21%)

Business Plan Development

  • Creating a business plan that is addicted to the specifics of the Spanish market is not just a company's development strategy. This document showcases a well-crafted business model, a thorough risk assessment, and the potential contribution to the country's economy.

    Our service includes writing a business plan based on your needs, for example, to attract investors, obtain bank financing, sell an existing project, and other goals.

    Obtaining a visa for entrepreneurs:
    Securing an entrepreneurial visa in Spain requires demonstrating effective business management capabilities. Immigration authorities look for compelling evidence of your business intentions and strategies. For instance, if you intend to establish a beauty salon in Barcelona, the plan must vividly showcase market analysis, revenue projections, promotional strategy, and details about the services you intend to offer.

    Economic contribution to the region:
    Spanish regulators assess the potential of business emigrants based on their ability to contribute to the local economy. That document must demonstrate how your company will create jobs, collaborate with local suppliers, and attract tourists or investments. For instance, if you are opening a Spanish cuisine restaurant in the center of Madrid, your plan may claim the creation of dozens of jobs and attract tourists seeking an authentic gastronomic experience. This approach confirms your role in strengthening Spain's economy.

    Risk management:
    In Spain, each industry has its specific risks. For example, when opening a currency exchange point in the center of Valencia, the business plan should reflect potential currency fluctuations, Spain's regulatory requirements in the financial services sector, and risks associated with the seasonality of tourist flows. It is also essential to address issues of fraud prevention and currency counterfeiting. A deep understanding of these factors and preparedness to counter potential threats demonstrate a serious approach to business and competence in the chosen field.

    Strategic planning:
    A well-thought-out action plan is necessary when launching a business in Spain, whether opening a restaurant, an IT startup, or a store. Considering local peculiarities and risks, your plan should provide specific steps to achieve short-term and long-term goals. For example, the plan may include strategies for adapting to Spain's cultural characteristics, a marketing strategy to attract a local audience, and specific financial forecasts for the next five years.

    Securing financing:
    In Spain, as in any country, investors and banks look for reliable and profitable projects to invest capital. A clear and well-substantiated plan is necessary to ensure financing chances. The document should indicate potential profitability, cash flow forecasting, and a strategy for achieving profitability. Such a document guarantees creditors that their funds will be used rationally and return profitably.

  • A business plan for small business is essential because of several key reasons. First, it serves as the foundation for the successful start-up and development of the enterprise. For small companies, which often operate with limited resources, this document becomes a detailed plan of action that defines how to utilize available funds effectively.

    Second, it helps small businesses better understand their target audience, competitive environment, and unique competitive advantages. This allows them to position themselves more effectively in the marketplace and attract customers.

    Third, small businesses often need to attract investment or loans. A business plan that contains financial projections and risk strategies increases the likelihood of attracting financial support from investors or banks.

    The experts at Laduchi Consult understand the intricacies of the Spanish market. This lets us adapt your business ideas, considering realities and local specifics. Our approach ensures that your custom business plan becomes more than just a "checkmark on the document list" but a critical tool that transforms your idea into a successful and competitive venture in the local market.

  • A business plan is a document and the fundamental framework for your future project. Putting together a solid plan takes time because it's a thorough process that involves market analysis, strategic planning, and developing financial projections.

    1. Summary:
      This is the project's business card. It briefly describes your business's mission, goal, and critical parameters.

    2. Description of the Company:
      The company description outlines the business's type, organizational structure, founding date, and primary marketplaces.

    3. Product or Service Information:
      Provides a detailed description of what you sell, highlighting unique features and advantages over competitors.

    4. Market Analysis:
      The market analysis provides data on market size, trends, target audience, and strong competitors.

    5. Strategy and Implementation:
      The section describes marketing methods, distribution channels, and customer interaction strategies.

    6. Management Team:
      This part introduces critical team members, detailing their responsibilities, experience, and education.

    7. Financial Plan:
      That part encompasses forecasted profit and loss reports, and information on initial capital and investment needs, specifically focusing on the business plan financial projections.

    8. Risks and Strategies for Overcoming Them:
      Identifies potential threats to the business and methods for minimizing them.

    Developing a business plan is like assembling a meticulous puzzle, where each element contributes to the picture of a successful enterprise. It provides a clear understanding of your company and development strategy, highlights the market you're interested in, and underscores how appealing the project can be for the local community. At Laduchi Consult, we specialize in crafting business plans that not only meet high standards but are genuinely effective for the development of your business.

Frequently Asked Questions


What level of proficiency in Excel is needed?

The entry level will be enough for the Standard package. For the Individual package, one would need to have an intermediate to higher level.


What level of financial qualification is required?

For the Standard package, you just need to understand the basic level. Minimal reporting or reporting experience is desirable for the Individual package.


What are the planning goals?

The Standard package is suitable for internal use. Individual package is for banks, partners, investors.


What business size is the project suitable for?

The Standard package is suitable for small and medium businesses. The Individual package is suitable for businesses of any size.

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