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NIE in Spain

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The NIE is a foreigner identification number. It is needed when you want to do something legal, for example: open a bank account, set up a company or buy a house.

The NIE is assigned automatically after you apply for a residence permit or a type D visa.

In this article we will look at how to obtain an NIE on your own in order to start a business or invest in Spain.

Why NIE is needed

The NIE is the basic identifier for a foreigner who wishes to conduct economic activities in Spain. Here are some examples in which an NIE may be necessary:

  • Setting up a company. In order to open a company in Spain, you must register it with the appropriate registry and obtain a permanent tax number. Among the documents required to open a company, there is an NIE for the entrepreneur.
  • Buying real estate. An NIE is required in order to enter into a contract of sale and register the property in your name.
  • Opening a bank account. To open a bank account in Spain, you need an NIE for identification and financial transactions.
  • Buying shares. To be able to invest and buy shares on the Spanish stock market, you will need to submit an NIE.

How to get an NIE

NIE can be obtained from Spain or its embassy/consulate where you reside. The application procedure is different for EU and non-EU citizens. Here is an example of how to apply if you are not an EU citizen.

«If you obtain an NIE in Spain, you will need proof of arrival. If you come from another EU country or by car, your passport will not have a border stamp. In this case, fill in a Declaration of Entry (Declaracion de entrada) at any Policia Nacional office. It is important to do this within 72 hours of crossing the border, otherwise the document will not be issued to you.»

David Sherozia, CEO Laduchi

Давид Шерозия, CEO Laduchi

The algorithm for obtaining an NIE in Spain

Fill in the application form: download the application form from the official Migration Police website and fill it in in Spanish in 2 copies.

Pay the state fee. The form can be downloaded from the same website. The fee is EUR 9.45. Upon payment, the bank must stamp to confirm a successful transaction.

Prepare the documents: passport + copy of passport and proof of NIE requirement - certificate from notary, bank or other authority.

«The reason has to be a good one. This means that you have to show proof from a lawyer, notary, bank or any other authority. For example, if you need an NIE to open a bank account or to buy a house - a certificate from a notary public stating the details of the transaction, the description of the object of purchase and the date of the transaction will do. If starting a company, a certificate from the notary stating that you are going to incorporate a company, describing the type of company, name and the date of the transaction.

In general, you need to provide an official reason supported by documents.»

David Sherozia, CEO Laduchi

Submit your documents: visit the Immigration Department and submit all the necessary documents for verification.

The NIE is an important document for entrepreneurs in Spain. It gives the necessary rights to conduct economic activities, use financial instruments and start a business. The procedure for obtaining an NIE is not complicated, but if you do it yourself, there may be misunderstandings about the documents and timing. You can turn to a professional to save time, money and get the number in one day.

Please note that all materials contained on this site have been prepared for informational purposes only. This data does not constitute or replace professional financial, legal or tax advice. The information is general in nature and does not take into account your personal circumstances. Always seek professional advice from officially licensed professionals: financial advisors, accountants and lawyers.

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