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Setting up a company in Andorra: An expert review

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The contemporary business world is full of challenges, from overwhelming taxes and convoluted bureaucratic procedures to unstable economic situations. These obstacles can slow down business development and even threaten its existence. Registering a company in Andorra might be the solution to overcome many of these barriers. Thanks to its unique economic and legislative system, the Principality of Andorra is a lifebuoy for many entrepreneurs.

In this article, based on the expertise of Laduchi Consult and confirmed cases, we will examine in detail how opening or relocating a business in Andorra can be your key to business freedom. We'll dive into the nuances of its tax system and offer practical advice on effective business management in this principality.

Legal Entity Registration

Doing business in Andorra offers a stable economy and favorable tax legislation and provides the opportunity to work in the heart of Europe, ensuring direct access to major European markets. Let's consider the key advantages of registering a company in Andorra:

  1. Optimized Taxation

    Operating in Europe while simultaneously reaping the benefits of an advantageous tax system sounds like a dream for many entrepreneurs. This is precisely the opportunity Andorra offers. With a corporate tax rate of just 10%, it stands as one of the most tax-attractive jurisdictions in Europe. This isn't merely a savings; it's a strategic tool that can boost your company's competitiveness by reducing corporate expenses and making your business more appealing to investors.

  2. Access to the European market

    Thanks to its geographical position, a company in Andorra can operate throughout Europe, gaining direct and barrier-free access to its markets. This is also reflected in establishing business connections without unnecessary trade restrictions. Andorra becomes the ideal entry point for those targeting operations in Europe, combining geographical advantages and business openness.

  3. Simplicity and transparency of procedures

    Company registration in Andorra is relatively smooth, especially when you have an expert who knows the local system's intricacies. Unlike some European countries where the process can be prolonged, you can set up a company in Andorra in a short timeframe. Having a professional who understands all the nuances and requirements significantly simplifies this process, allowing entrepreneurs to focus on their business minimizing wait times and bureaucratic red tape.

  4. Attractive residency programs

    When deciding to relocate to Andorra, many need to fully grasp the depth of benefits waiting for them in this principality. This country offers residency programs that stand out from most of Europe. Firstly, the residency acquisition process is relatively quick and straightforward. Entrepreneurs who open a company in Andorra can expect more flexible conditions for obtaining residency permits for themselves and their immediate family. Secondly, beyond economic advantages, Andorra offers a high quality of life, access to top-tier medical care, a high standard of education, and an environmentally pristine environment in the heart of the Pyrenees.

  5. Reliable banking system.

    The banking system plays a critically important role in successful business conduct. Andorra's banking structure rightly boasts a reputation as one of the most reliable in the world. Stability, backed by a long history free from crises, is combined with a high level of confidentiality, providing people in business peace of mind concerning the safety of their assets. Such an environment gives entrepreneurs confidence in their long-term perspective and financial interests protection.

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Forms of Doing Business in Andorra

Business in Andorra offers several legal forms of companies, each with its characteristics and applied depending on the specifics of the business and its scale. Choosing the suitable legal form for a business in Andorra requires understanding your corporate objectives and specifications. This will not only affect the management structure of your company but also tax and legal obligations.

  1. Societat Limitada (S.L.)

    This is the Andorran version of a Limited Liability Company (LLC). This form is most suitable for small and medium-sized businesses or family enterprises. If you wish to manage the company independently, consider establishing an S.L.U. (Sole Proprietorship with Limited Liability). To find an S.L., a minimum capital of 3,000 euros is required. An S.L. can only have one director, typically one of the major shareholders or owners.

    Interesting fact: In most S.L. companies founded by families, shares are usually divided among family members. For instance, 50% of the claims might belong to the founder, while the remaining 50% is evenly distributed between two children.

  2. Societat Anònima (S.A.)

    This is the Andorran equivalent of a joint-stock company, ideally suited for large corporations with a significant number of shareholders or those planning to list their shares on the open market. To establish an S.A., a minimum capital of 60,000 euros is required. If you prefer to run the company solely, you can opt for the S.A.U. (Sole Shareholding Company) format. All S.A. companies must have a board of directors of at least three members, ensuring an additional layer of corporate governance.

    Interesting fact: Unlike many other countries, an S.A. in Andorra can issue public and private shares. For instance, a company might release 70% of its shares as confidential for internal investors and 30% as public shares for external investors.

  3. Sociedad Colectiva

    This business format resembles a cooperative. It's utilized by companies where the capital is evenly distributed amongst partners, and each partner is actively involved in the business's management. This enterprise format is perfect for partnerships where all participants wish to have an equal say in decision-making. In a Sociedad Colectiva, all partners bear personal liability for the company's debts. For example, if the company has a deficit of 200,000 euros and consists of four partners, each partner can be held accountable for an equal share of 50,000 euros. While the capital is distributed evenly, partners can establish separate agreements defining their roles and responsibilities in managing the company.

    Interesting fact: Although many company legal forms require a specific minimum capital for registration, Sociedad Colectiva doesn't have such a requirement. This makes this company form accessible for entrepreneurs starting their business with minimal initial investments.

Procedure for Opening a Company in Andorra

Opening a company in Andorra is a reasonably straightforward process, but it requires attention to detail and skill in navigating local bureaucracy. Given Andorra's benefits in terms of low taxes and a stable economy, this process represents an investment in your business's successful future.

  1. Confirmation of a unique name

    First and foremost, you must ensure that the name chosen for your company is unique and not already registered. This process typically takes between 1 to 2 weeks.

  2. Filling out an application for foreign investment

    Once you have requested confirmation of the company name, you must also obtain permission for foreign investment. This requires applying to the Andorran government to allow the participation of foreign investors if their stake exceeds 10% of the share capital.

  3. Drafting the company's articles of association

    Creating the articles requires special attention since it defines the core principles of the company's operation. The minimum share capital for SA (Societat Anònima) is 60,000 euros, while SL (Societat de Responsabilitat Limitada) is 3,000 euros.

  4. Registration with tax authorities

    This stage can take up to a month. After receiving registration confirmation, the company gets a tax number, which will be used for all tax transactions.

  5. Opening a bank account

    Opening a bank account in Andorra for the company can range from a week to a month, depending on the documentation provided. At this stage, the share capital should be deposited into the account. Upon opening the bill, the bank might require a KYC (Know Your Customer) process, and they may ask for the company's financial history over the past 2-3 years. This might be a business plan or a revenue forecast for the next year for new companies.

  6. Notarial certification of documents and company registration in the Social Security fund

    Once all documents are prepared, they need to be notarized. This process typically takes 2-3 working days.

  7. Language requirements

    All documents must be translated into Catalan. For instance, an official translation would be required if your original articles were in English or Castilian.

At the heart of any successful venture lies a properly constructed strategy and an understanding of how to implement this strategy in practice. The importance of proper preparation and registration in Andorra cannot be overstated; it becomes the starting point for a stable and profitable business.

Tax System in Andorra

In the entrepreneurial world, a pivotal question many businessmen often ask is how to minimize tax burdens while fully adhering to laws and regulations. One solution to this dilemma is selecting the proper jurisdiction for registering and operating a business. Andorra, with its unique tax regime, offers a range of intriguing opportunities.

  1. Corporate Taxation ("Impost of societats")

    In Andorra, corporate tax rates range from 2% to 10%. For a company with profits of 500,000 euros, this translates to a tax of between 10,000 and 50,000 euros. However, it's worth noting that various deductions and incentives in Andorra can further reduce this rate.

    For instance, companies are granted a 50% discount on tax payments in the first year of a business's operation. For new entrepreneurs just starting their business journey or professional activities with an income of less than 100,000 euros, the tax rate for the initial three years is:

    • 5% for the tax base ranging from 0 to 50,000 euros;
    • 10% for the remaining portion of the tax base.

  2. Value Added Tax (IGI)

    The principality operates a lenient value-added tax system, or IGI (short for "Impost general indirect"). In Andorra, VAT is the lowest in Europe, at 4.5%. For comparison, in Spain, the standard VAT rate reaches 21%.

    Exemptions include:

    • 0% on education, healthcare, and medicine;
    • 1% on certain media items (books, magazines, and newspapers), as well as on food and drinks (excluding alcohol);
    • 2.5% on artworks and charges levied by tour operators;
    • A higher rate of 9.5% tax is applied solely to banking and financial services.
  3. Personal Income Tax (IRPF)

    In Andorra, the personal income tax system, referred to as "Impost sobre la renda de les persones físiques," is quite progressive:

    • Income up to 24,000 euros – 0%.
    • Income from 24,001 euros to 40,000 euros – 5%.
    • Income over 40,000 euros – 10%.

  4. Capital Gains Taxation

    Andorra provides a range of incentives for investors, including benefits for certain types of investments. Capital gains are typically taxed at 10% and treated as individual income. However, several significant exceptions make this system particularly attractive for investors and traders:

    • Sale of Shares

      If you sell shares of a company and your stake in it is less than 25%, then the profit from the sale is not taxed.

    • Long-term Investments

      Profits from the sale of assets that you've owned for more than ten years are also exempt from taxation.

    • Local Investments

      Any profit derived from investments in Andorra's economy, be it bonds or dividends from local companies, is entirely tax-free.

  5. Wealth Tax

    In Andorra, there is no wealth tax. In the context of European tax policy, where many countries levy up to a 2% tax on assets, this can result in significant savings. Suppose an entrepreneur has assets worth 5 million euros. In a country with a 2% wealth tax, he would pay 100,000 euros annually. In Andorra, these funds remain at his disposal, allowing him to reinvest them or use them as he sees fit.

A proper understanding and utilization of Andorra's tax system can be the key to the success of your business. However, a deep comprehension of its intricacies is needed to benefit from all the advantages offered by this jurisdiction genuinely. We help identify potential tax benefits for your business and integrate them into your overall business strategy. By consulting with Laduchi Consult, you'll gain a guaranteed expert perspective on your tax situation and recommendations for its optimization.

Accounting in Andorra

Accounting is not just bookkeeping and reporting; it's an art that, when executed correctly, can yield tangible economic benefits for your company. In Andorra, accounting becomes a strategic tool for your business.

  • Compliance with international standards

    Andorra's accounting system strictly adheres to international financial reporting standards. This facilitates the integration of your business within Europe, ensuring transparency and trust with international partners.

  • Maximization of tax benefits

    Proper accounting practices allow companies in Andorra to save 15-20% on taxes by effectively leveraging all tax incentives and benefits.

  • Growth rates

    On average, Companies prioritizing high-quality accounting in Andorra showcase profit growth rates 10-12% faster than their European counterparts.

Choosing to set up a company in Andorra opens the doors to the European market and equips you with tools for efficient record-keeping and profit maximization. Andorran accounting blends the best European practices and unique local advantages. To fully tap into the potential of these tools, it's crucial to have the support of professionals with an in-depth understanding of the local accounting system and tax regulations. Our expertise in Andorran accounting ensures your business operates optimally, with every decision grounded in accurate data and a deep comprehension of local realities.

Betting Niche Transformation:

How Winguard Broke New Ground with the Aid of Andorra and Laduchi Consult

An IT company approached Laduchi Consult, utilizing artificial intelligence to provide complex solutions in the sports betting niche. However, despite its innovative edge, Winguard faced challenges in its journey towards international growth and attracting investors.

The problem was apparent: many European banks held reservations about companies associated with betting, even if only indirectly. We needed to assist Winguard with tax and legal planning and shift their overall global perception.

Our team discerned that the solution hinged on the proper jurisdiction. Andorra emerged as the perfect fit. Its low taxes, positioning between Spain and France, and conducive business environment promised vast opportunities.

We started by repositioning the company. Moving away from the betting theme, we spotlighted Wingard's core product – an innovative data analysis algorithm. This pivotal shift transformed them from a "suspicious" niche firm to a pioneering IT solution developer.

Subsequently, with our guidance, Winguard successfully underwent the identification process at one of Andorra's leading banks – Mora Bank. Armed with foreign investment permits and a blueprint for establishing a fund, Winguard was set on its future trajectory.

As a result of our holistic approach, Winguard not only unlocked Andorra's potential but also solidified its international standing. We also navigated a thorough bank compliance procedure, validating the legitimate origins of the founder's funds over the past six years. This phase was crucial in obtaining foreign investment permits and orchestrating fund withdrawals through the major betting exchange, Betfair. Additionally, an intricate plan was designed for Winguard to establish an investment fund, targeting cryptocurrency and traditional financial instruments.


When conducting business in Andorra, every detail matters. Ensuring the long-term success of your company demands meticulous preparation, a proper understanding of local standards, and profound expertise. That's precisely why turning to us is a step in the right direction towards your business triumph.

The experts at Laduchi Consult take on all operational responsibilities, from selecting a unique company name to providing legal and tax support, ensuring flawless execution at each stage. Our team handles all the routine matters, allowing you to focus on strategic management and your business growth. We guarantee you'll have access to a comprehensive suite of services essential for your company's successful launch and development in Andorra.

Please note that all materials contained on this site have been prepared for informational purposes only. This data does not constitute or replace professional financial, legal or tax advice. The information is general in nature and does not take into account your personal circumstances. Always seek professional advice from officially licensed professionals: financial advisors, accountants and lawyers.

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