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Sun Jointly Energy


The path to solar energy: expert support in entering a new market and accelerated company registration in Spain within four days.


In an era of scientific breakthroughs and rapid transition to environmentally clean energy sources, our client, a Ukrainian solar panel supplier, faced a challenge that required ambition and strategic thinking. Planning to expand his presence in the global market, he realized that exploring new horizons demanded not only courage but also deep knowledge of local peculiarities.


One of the main barriers the client faced was the lack of experience in the Spanish market and unfamiliarity with local laws and procedures. Lengthy and sometimes convoluted processes for obtaining permits and licenses could slow the business's launch. Instead of getting bogged down in the mazes of Spanish bureaucracy, he decided to turn to the Laduchi Consult team.


  1. Conduct tax and legal planning
  2. Establish the legal structure of the company in an accelerated format
  3. Open an account in a Spanish bank

Case Complexity

The client needed to launch the business within tight deadlines, avoiding the challenges associated with licensing their activities.


Our primary task was to assist the client in opening a representation in Spain, bypassing bureaucratic barriers and freeing them from unnecessary time and resource expenditures. In this case, we proposed acting as an intermediary between Ukrainian and European companies, eliminating the need to license activities. In addition to company registration and bank account opening, we helped navigate tax matters and obtain an electronic signature. The digital signature enabled the client to conduct future operations with documents and data on government websites without personal presence, minimizing paper processes.


Thanks to our expert support, the client established a company (Sociedad Limitada) in Spain in four working days, bypassing all bureaucratic complexities. He obtained the right to conduct business in the country and the opportunity to focus on its development, as well as a partnership with a reliable team of specialists ready to support them in solving any tasks.

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