Investor Relations Manager (Cyber Farm Project)

Shamsi Bagirova

Barcelona, Spain


English, Russian, Turkish, Azerbaijani


Building a strategy to attract investment and its subsequent implementation. Within the framework of these processes, conducting analytical research, creating a profile of a potential investor or an investor company based on more than 25 factors. Communication with accelerators, venture funds and potential investors.

Work experience

  • 2022
  • Present

Laduchi Consult, Investor Relations Manager (Cyber Farm Project)

Barcelona, Spain


  • Development of prospective and current investment attraction programs
  • Formation of an information and advertising strategy for a separate area of the organization's activities in the field of investor relations in accordance with the general priorities of the organization's policy and prospects for its development
  • The choice of forms and methods of interaction with investors, organizations, mass media
  • Organization of collection, processing, and analysis of information, including with the use of sociological, marketing research, conducting continuous monitoring of information sources
  • Analysis and forecast of changes in investment and information markets
  • MARCH 2021
  • SEPTEMBER 2021

Assistant Manager MEDUSA CO.


  • Helped the digital marketing manager to come up with various social media campaigns
  • Correspondence control
  • Work with freelancers
  • Prepare manager's schedule
  • Organising transfers, deliveries etc.
  • SEPTEMBER 2021
  • Present time

Assistant Manager, Part Time, EDWARD NIYAZOV


  • SMM
  • Maintaining Business Instagram Accounts
  • Writing Marketing strategies for bloggers -Researching for employees/HR
  • Maintaining an interactive timetable
  • Writing professional texts on various topics - Helping with online course launches
  • Create presentations for online courses -Technical support for webinars
  • Video and photo editing
  • MARCH 2019
  • AUGUST 2019

Call centre instructor, Full Time, WILLSTREAM CO.


  • Script writing
  • Staff training (phone etiquette, intonation)

Education, Courses

  • 2020
  • 2023

EU Business School

Bachelor of business administration

  • 2020
  • 2024

Financial University under the Russian Government

Bachelor of finance, major in public and municipal finance state and municipal finances


  • Literature
  • Theater
  • Fashion