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Obtaining a second citizenship

Full support for obtaining citizenship of the European Union, the Caribbean, Turkey, Montenegro and the UK.

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The second citizenship is a plan “B” for entrepreneurs, because it opens up new opportunities for asset diversification, ensuring the security of both personal and business.

We will help you choose a country based on your goals, collect and fill out documents, and obtain citizenship as soon as possible.

Who can benefit from it

Investors and entrepreneurs who want to diversify assets

Owners of companies that plan relocation

Entrepreneurs who want to start a business in another country

What tasks will help to solve


Get access to the foreign market


Protect yourself from an unstable political situation


Move to another country


Speed up the process of obtaining citizenship


Get citizenship of another country

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Process of service provision


Consultation and country selection


Preparation, collection and filling of documents


Submission of documents

About us in numbers


Number of clients

We have 315 clients and currently represent 18 families


Number of deals

We concluded 914 deals in 2019


Projects studied

We have studied and prepared over 1000 turnkey projects with varying profitability rates and minimal risks


of regular clients

86% of our clientele are regular clients because they are so happy with us because we are always improving ourselves


Obtaining a second citizenship

  • From 10000 €
  • + VAT (21%) per person

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