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Recognition of foreign judgments

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Recognition of foreign judgments

Even if you have won a court trial in your home country, you need qualified assistance for this judgment to be passed and enforced in a foreign state

For whom:

Individuals who need to enforce the order to pay a fine or debts

Individuals who need the recognition of a foreign judgment obliging a person to pay alimony in Spain

Individuals who need to have a foreign divorce judgment recognised in Spain

Your benefits:

  1. 01

    A recognised and enforced foreign judgment

Why us?

Laduchi Consult has extensive experience in the recognition of foreign judgments in Spain and also cooperates with the leading financial and legal institutions both in Russia and in other post-Soviet countries

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What tasks will it help to solve:

Recognize and enforce a foreign judgment

The recognition procedure:


Establishment of the defendant's solvency.


Document collation


Submission of a claim for recognition of a foreign judgment that has been enforced


Launch of the procedure for the execution of a recognized judgment


Recognition of foreign judgments

The cost of this service depends on the specific case and shall be estimated individually*

  • From 1500 €
  • + VAT

Frequently Asked Questions


How long does the court procedure take?

Each court is independent and sets its own agenda, therefore, no approximate length of the procedure can be specified.


Where can I file a claim?

The claim is usually made in the judicial district wherein the respondent resides.


What information can the company get about the defendant?

By the client’s request, Laduchi Consult can obtain the information from public records, such as the register of personal property, commercial register, etc. But CAN NOT obtain any information from the banks where the defendant is the customer regarding the money it has on its accounts, whether it receives any salary, pension benefits or any dividends.

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