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Creation of Online Courses

Online education is one of the most profitable and promising areas of business

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Creation of Online Courses

If you feel that your knowledge and skills can help the others, or you decide to create your own online school project and wonder how to build a profitable online education business, you are already on the right track.

For whom:

Experts who want to share knowledge and skills with a wide audience and capitalise on this knowledge

Experts looking to switch from offline training to online reaching out to more customers and stay immune to the weather, epidemics and crisis

Heads of corporate training centres and HR who want to create online training for employees

What tasks will it help to solve:


Systematise your knowledge


Expand your audience


Define the niche of the course, target audience and the unique advantage


Get a quality and effective course


Build a marketing and course promotion system


Launch the project advertising and get first sales

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Your benefits:

Find the unique advantage of your idea and a tested demand

Analysis of competitors and your target audience

Formed project team

An established webinar landing page, course landing page, mail and reminders

Channels to advertise your course

Course downloaded on the platform that suits you best

Service provision process:


Consultation, setting goals and objectives


Project audit and estimation of the required financing


Signing a contract


Course planning


Course packaging


Launching a course

About us in numbers


Number of clients

We have 315 clients and currently represent 18 families


Number of deals

We concluded 914 deals in 2019


Projects studied

We have studied and prepared over 1000 turnkey projects with varying profitability rates and minimal risks


of regular clients

86% of our clientele are regular clients because they are so happy with us because we are always improving ourselves

Prices and rates:

Basic Package

  • Planning
  • Package
  • + 2 consultations, each 45 minutes long 
  • 1000 €
  • +VAT

Premium Package

  • 7000 €
  • +VAT

Light Package

  • Block 1: Market research and niche selection
  • Block 2: Pedagogic and expert components
  • Block 3: Legal basis 
  • Block 4: Marketing
  • Block 5: Scaling

Price: EUR 5,000 + VAT + 15% of turnover, if up to 2 experts; 15% of income, if over 2 experts involved

  • From 5000 €
  • +VAT

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