Project Manager

We will select a project manager who understands your field and will be able to implement the project on time and in accordance with all requirements.

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The project manager will build effective communication between the company, employees and customers, set up the workflow and set tasks for performers. Responsibly approach the deadlines and the result of the work.

For whom

Companies that launch new projects

Startups where an experienced project manager is needed

Companies of any size, where there are drawdowns of the workflow

What we can help with

  1. 01

    Build communication inside a team

  2. 02

    Identify realistic deadlines and responsible persons

  3. 03

    Distribute tasks efficiently

  4. 04

    Meet deadlines and requirements

  5. 05

    Monitor the execution of tasks

  6. 06

    Implement the project

Why us?

We use the latest European business building trends in our work

We understand the tasks of our clients on a mental level

Our practicing experts hold all the necessary European licenses

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Your benefits:

Completed project

Saved time and money

Service provision process


Initial consultation


Defining the list of tasks and the final goal of the project


Selection of a manager from your field


Building the work of the project team


Project implementation and presentation of the result

Benefits from the package solution:

"Project Manager" Package

Compare the prices / Order services separately:

  • Drafting of a business plan – from 3,500 Euros
  • Control and adjustment of work (authorised person/administrator) – 500/1,200 Euros
  • Communication on behalf of the company with the necessary authorities to resolve any problems at hand – 750 Euros per month

Total: 5,450 Euros
  • 3815 €
  • +VAT

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I order a separate service?

Yes, you can, but any such individual service will come at a higher price compared to the cost of the same as part of the package


Is it possible to reduce the package of services?

This package is designed by the experts to maximise the results, so the absence of even a single element will compromise its effectiveness


Service Provision Process

After a consultation, which can be either in the office or in the form of a video conference, we determine the problems to be eliminated, then, within 10 business days, we will have studied your company in detail and drawn up a transformation plan


What determines the cost of the package?

The cost depends on the size of the company and the complexity of the problems and transformations that need to be addressed


Does the package include assistance in acquisition of funding?

This package includes the estimates of the amount of funding and the purpose thereof, which will reduce most of the work that needs to be done to obtain the funding, but the funding package itself is not included. It can be added for a separate fee

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