CEO Laduchi Consult, David Sherozia on the BIGMoney forum

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Last week, one of the biggest events for Ukrainian entrepreneurs took place in Barcelona - the BIGMoney forum. For 5 hours, well-known speakers, including the founder of the BIG MONEY UNIVERCITY project Evgeny Chernyak, the founder of Forbes Ukraine Vladimir Fedorin and the founder of the computer academy SHAG, Dmitry Korchevsky, as well as many others shared their experience and valuable advice with the audience.

David Sherozia on the BIGMoney forum

CEO of Laduchi Consult, David Sherozia:

“The Forum left behind only pleasant impressions. I received an influx of positive energy from communicating with other participants, and also got acquainted with Ukrainian entrepreneurs who are just going to open a business in Spain. Networking is an important part of forums, because you can learn from the first person about the difficulties that arise for new entrepreneurs and understand how they can be solved.

In general, the trend is that more and more Ukrainians are moving to Europe and opening their own business. To do this, the most comfortable conditions have been created here. In particular, Barcelona is one of the most dynamic cities in the EU for the development of the startup ecosystem. This cannot but attract Ukrainian entrepreneurs. If they realize at least 20% of their potential here, they will be able to significantly improve the level of service and the process of business automation, which are lacking in Spain.

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It is also important that the forum raised the topic of financial fraudsters and false helpers, of which quite a lot have appeared recently. The organization of the business structure and the tax system of Europe differ from their native countries, and it can be very difficult for newly arrived entrepreneurs to figure them out on their own. It is better to seek professional help from those who speak to you in an understandable mental language and know all the legislative subtleties of doing business in Europe. But you need to choose them as carefully as possible, otherwise there is a risk of bumping into scammers. The speech of Valeria Ruma, the founder of Krasivo.project, who opened 8 beauty salons in Poland in six months and faced the unfair work of “helpers” only confirms this.

I thank the organizers of the forum Maxim and Veronika Gaikovskikh for selecting such topics for discussion and giving a powerful boost of energy. Such events allow not only to make useful contacts, but also to find new growth points.”

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