Electronic Signature in Spain within one day

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In Spanish legislation, the Electronic Signature becomes an essential tool, giving documents legal validity and ensuring security and authenticity in electronic format. Similar to a handwritten signature, the digital certificate acts as an electronic document confirming the user's identity in the online space.

Addressing a high volume of requests, we've developed a process that allows obtaining an E-Signature online within one working day. In contrast, previously, this process took weeks (in line with Spanish realities). The certificate facilitates simplified communication with government agencies online, enabling the submission of requests and documents digitally. Furthermore, it identifies the signer and records the document's status when signing, making changes or additions impossible after this stage.

Why do you need an E-signature?

Today, most interactions with governmental or municipal structures can be resolved from home, promptly and without queues.

In particular, the certificate allows you to:

  • Submit tax declarations or view data from previous years, pay fines
  • Renew and extend residency
  • Obtain a report on your «vida laboral» (work history)
  • Obtain a marriage or birth certificate
  • Submit applications and documents for recognition of educational diplomas
  • Obtain a certificate of no criminal record
  • Apply for unemployment benefits, and so on

These are just a glimpse of the vast possibilities that having a digital signature opens up for you. Explore more and discover the convenience and efficiency it brings.

How long is the digital signature issued for?

In Spain, the Certificado digital can be obtained in two ways: in person through government agencies or online. When registering through government agencies, you receive a signature for two years; when obtaining the digital signature remotely, you can choose a duration from one to five years.

What documents are required?

Individuals Legal entities
Scan copy of both sides of the NIE (Número de Identificación de Extranjero) to confirm residency status or a copy of the identity card (DNI). Scan copy of both sides of the NIE (Número de Identificación de Extranjero) to confirm residency status or a copy of the identity card (DNI).
Email address and phone number for receiving notifications. Provide company details, including name, legal address, and tax identification number (CIF).
Completed and signed authorization form for verification (which means that Laduchi experts can obtain the certificate on your behalf). Email address and phone number for communication.

Electronic signature within one working day

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Laduchi Consult specialists will assist you in obtaining a digital signature within one day without lengthy delays or unnecessary bureaucracy. Please fill out the form below and attach the signed application. After receiving the digital signature, we will send you an installation checklist for the certificate on your computer.

How do we work?

The process of obtaining the signature varies depending on your legal status.

For Individuals: Upon receiving your information and confirming payment, our specialist will begin processing the signature. Within one working day, they will send you the certificate and a checklist for installation on your computer.

For Legal Entities: The process is the same as for individuals, with one difference. Upon receiving the company's information, we request confirmation documents about your enterprise from the registry. Typically, these documents arrive in two working days. After receiving them, we will process the signature and send you an installation checklist.


Obtaining a digital signature is not just a formality; it's a convenient tool that can make your life easier and your interactions with Spanish government agencies more convenient and efficient. The Laduchi team has created a process that allows you to obtain an electronic digital certificate in just one working day. You can order your signature here.

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