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The development of modern technology has a significant impact on the field of business, especially digital entrepreneurship. Today, companies have new tools and platforms for working and engaging customers that can take them to the next level. For example, cloud computing and data analytics have made it easier for businesses to store and process large amounts of information, leading to better decision-making and cost optimization. And technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence can potentially be used to create new business models and revenue streams.

Afterwork PIMEC Joves

Head of Laduchi Consult on attending afterwork PIMEC Joves:

«Today's world moves at a fast pace and if a business wants to be successful, it must be able to adapt to them. Today, the methods of doing business that many people are accustomed to are becoming irrelevant. For example, a business plan, well thought out and painted for 5 years, in a year or two will be completely unusable, because the market will give new products and other technologies that did not exist a year ago ... Therefore, company owners need to be able to adapt quickly to new conditions by applying their existing digital tools.

One of the main trends in business is its gradual move towards meta-universes, digitalization and automation of many business processes. The number of our clients interested in starting a business in the field of cryptocurrency and NFT only confirms this observation. However, despite the active interest of entrepreneurs, there are still many white spots in the digital business niche. There is no understanding yet who will be in charge and who will regulate business in the meta-universe from the legal side and how it will be taxed. Now the government of Spain is actively studying this issue and most likely by 2024 we will have the exact answers».

We thank the organizers of Pimec joves and ESIC University for the opportunity to discuss topical issues with leading industry experts. We look forward to other events aimed specifically at digital law and the regulation of the LegalTech market, both on the part of the law and on the part of the fiscal part.

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