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Nico Juliany


Buying out Carrera y Carrera while spending not a penny on the company’s debts


Laduchi Consult was approached by Nico Juliany – the owner of a global chain of jewellery stores. 

Her ambitious goal was to buy out Carrera y Carrera – the oldest jewellery brand and the pride of Spain. Every Hollywood star has been dreaming of a Carrera piece of jewelry!


Former owners drove Carrera y Carrera into the ground. Bankrupt and heavily in debt all around the world, the company was fighting with its employees and losing top quality designers and jewelers. 


Buy out the trademark without assuming liability for the company and its debts and problems while acquiring all the rights to trade the brand merchandise worldwide. 


We met all the creditors: the banks, the suppliers, tax agencies, etc.

  • 21 trips to Madrid 
  • 14 trips to Moscow
  • 9 trips to Istanbul 
  • 6 trips to Nicosia
  • 7 trips to Dubai
  • 4 trips to Hong Kong
  • 2 trips to Doha 

We agreed about the temporary administrator who will be in charge of the bankruptcy process.

We managed to assess the trademark only rather than the whole company. And we purchased the rights to social networks, marketing materials, domains and other intangible assets of Carrera y Carrera

We offered extremely favourable terms to the creditors, the judge who handled the company’s case, the former owners and to our customer.


After eighteen months of hard labor, we helped our client buy that what makes the company known worldwide – the trademark, the rights to merchandise, representation rights in 53 countries (including the U.S.), as well as other trademarks and digital tools. 

An impressive package without a penny spent on repayment of the former owner’s debts! 

Laduchi Consult is the living proof – this company can be trusted. A dedicated team, loving our job, professional skills and huge desire to help our clients – it all helps us handle the most complex business tasks.


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