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NJ Jewellery


We ask for just one thing – trust.

A case about a company and a claim for 200 thousand Euros.


NJ Jewellery, a jewellery company that owns boutiques outside of Spain, opened a representative office in Barcelona in 2012.

In 2019, they had a claim for 200 thousand Euros from the tax authorities. The company hired lawyers and financial consultants for big money. And got one big nothing out of it.

The Laduchi Consult team was tasked with detailed study of the claim to find ways of reducing the costs and preventing the bankruptcy.


The audit of the company helped find the errors of the management. We suggested a solution that could save the business. However, the owners would not listen to our advice, putting their trust in the current director.

Now we are leading this company through bankruptcy proceedings and handling a dispute with the tax authorities. We strive to get them out of this situation with the minimum damage for the business.

After the NJ Jewellery failure, we studied strategy for crisis negotiation and now understand how to help entrepreneurs see the right solution even in stressful situations.

The main thing that we ask from our clients is trust. This is how we help companies in the most difficult situations and get them out of the crisis with minimum or no damage.

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