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Boa Bao


We did the impossible – over 55% of funding raised without guarantees to the banks, meanwhile helping the Bao Bao restaurant business project (Barcelona, Spain) come true

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A Belgian family owning the Bao Bao chain or restaurants serving the Oriental fusion cuisine in Porto and Lisbon decided to get a foothold in Barcelona. To do this, they needed to raise over € 500,000. 


Raise funding in excess of half a million Euros (55% of the needed capital).


The clients first tried to save on financial consultants and chose to proceed on their own. For a year and a half, they tried to raise the money but the banks would reject their requests time and again. And it is always tough to negotiate with the bank where you had been rejected.


  • We studied the company’s paperwork;
  • We remade the presentation for the banks; and
  • We modified the business plan


In just 1.5 months, our clients received 55% of the capital they needed. No real property or any other assets were collateralized. The Belgian clients wouldn’t even go there in the first place. 

The efforts and expertise of the Laduchi Consult team – a new restaurant serving the exquisite Oriental cuisine opened in Barcelona (Spain) and Bao Bao expanded its chain.

Boa Bao

On the photo, founder of Laduchi Lado Sheroziia and owner of the restaurant Boa-Bao Gautier Robial


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