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Ruma's Coffee


Restaurant business during the pandemic

The story of success: Ruma’s coffee chain in Barcelona – from looming bankruptcy to invitation to the Forbes channel

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In 2019, way before the quarantine, our client opened two Ruma’s coffee shops in Barcelona. However, this proved to be a bad period for growing business, so the owner chose to shut them down – temporarily. It did not help with the rent and the payroll, though. Consequently, our client found itself on the verge of bankruptcy.


Optimize the expenditures and raise funds from the banks, to keep the two outlets afloat.


Ruma’s wanted to keep both establishments but during the pandemic it was not feasible. We convinced the owner to sacrifice one shop and focus entirely on the other.


  • We negotiated smaller rent with the landlords.
  • We negotiated with the banks about a loan and partially raised the investments.
  • We terminated the rental agreement with the uncompromising landlord.
  • We made Plan B – just in case of bankruptcy, so as to avoid being blacklisted by the banks and to preserve their trust.


Ruma’s coffee survived the crisis and made it to the Forbes channel with a most inspiring story of a Russian entrepreneur who is doing business abroad.

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