How to grow a technological startup from scratch in a matter of 9 months and how a single error in its organisational structure brought it all tumbling down


An ambitious 20 y.o. entrepreneur launches a technological startup @jobboo_es, seeking to merge the needs of the clients and professionals in various services: electricians, dry-cleaning staff, drivers, nurses, etc.

He brought over managers and marketing consultants from the U.K. and the United States, and it cost him a pretty penny. They launched a Website that drew 12,000 visitors and 16% conversion in just one month!


Scale the startup to other European countries.


The owner of the project thought the team where everyone is performing the assigned functions would be enough. He saw no point in assigning the general director who would organize all operations and processes and control their performance.


We participated in the project from the start: we organized the legal structure, handled the funding, licensing and preparation of the legal and statutory framework applicable to the service providers and the clients. 

Seeing the gap in the organizational structure, we would try – time and again – to convince the owners they should delegate use the team management functions or hire an experienced CEO or managers.


Owners of Jobboo never accepted our suggestion and we never assumed control over the financial and tax planning. Neither did we take part in the administrative management. All told, the project stayed afloat for exactly 9 months and then shut down, as its clients drowned in the routine of bills, incorrect VAT calculations and other operational tasks, which the Laduchi Consult team could have otherwise fine-tuned. 

However, the concept of the startup was so cool, we believe the guys will return to business, converting their prior experience into the advantage!

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