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Some would take up to six months to create one’s own product. It took us grand total of 3.5 months to launch two successful courses

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We were approached by Katerina Yaroslavskaya – the success and personal growth coach, consultant with over 12 years of experience in behavioral genetics. She started making her educational product but she would send all her materials by hand, making sales mostly to her friends and acquaintances.

In extremely competitive information marketing sector, Katerina sought to scale her personal brand by expanding the customer base and developing her own signature style.

She asked us to systematise the existing preliminary studies, automate the sales processes, improve her brand, develop and launch the live course. 


Develop a personal brand and social network strategy, create two courses and automate the sales processes and communication with clients.


Following a thorough study of the target audience, direct and indirect competitors, communication with Katerina and getting insight into her values, philosophy and mindset, we:

  • Designed a unique personal brand;
  • Built a comprehensive business concept;
  • Made a website for the course and devised a social network maintenance strategy;
  • Developed presentations and auto-webinar
  • Packed and integrated two courses into the taplink


In just 3.5 months, we accomplished a project that takes others at least half a year.

Made a personal brand package for Katerina as a business coach in social networks and built a further promotion concept.

Thanks to the automation, Katerina no longer has to waste her time on sending messages to her subscribers and potential clients, and on other such routine just to sell her services. Instead, she enjoys the result of two finished online products: “15 steps to success” and “My happy relationship”. 

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