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Monitoring of the court trial

Monitoring the effectiveness of the hired lawyers is necessary for identification and adjustment of the methods and time factors in achieving the goals and objectives

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Monitoring of the court trial

For whom:

Individuals who need to need to have their rights and interests protected in litigation in the EU courts

What tasks will it help to solve:


Monitor the court trial


Get an expert assessment of the progress of the court trial;


Prompt response to changes in the opponent's strategy

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Your benefits:

Hired lawyers’ performance evaluation

Identification and adjustment of the methods and time factors in achieving the goals and objectives

Cost savings

Transparency of the litigation

Judicial control procedure:


Study and evaluation of the problem described by the client


Signing a contract


Collation of documentation


Preliminary application and/or preparation of the application


Filing a claim


After appropriate legal procedures, obtaining the court judgment

The cost of this service depends on the specific case and shall be estimated individually *

  • From 1000 €
  • + VAT

Frequently Asked Questions


How long does the process take?

Each court determines its own calendar and schedules the consideration of cases for a certain period, therefore, after filing a lawsuit, only the court will be able to determine its date and the average duration of the process. The duration of the process also depends on where the court is located, whether it is a large city (Barcelona, Girona, Madrid, Valencia ...) or a provincial town court.


Where should a claim be filed?

For a criminal proceeding, the complaint shall be filed in the judicial circuit wherein the criminal deed allegedly has been committed; for a civil lawsuit, as a rule, the competent court will be the court at the place of residence of the defendant.


What is a judicial circuit?

It is a territorial unit comprising of one or several municipalities.

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