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Bank Compliance

We will help you to pass the procedure of bank complience: we will collect and check before submitting the necessary set of documents, and in the shortest possible time we will get a positive decision from the bank

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Opening an account at a Spanish bank and confirming the legitimacy of funds is becoming more and more difficult: financial organizations have stricter their requirements to prevent money laundering and other unlawful acts. Including to verify the reliability of customers in the banks, there is a department of compliance. This is where the fate of the client is decided: whether they will open an account and not close it for some reason after a while.

Team Laduchi Consult offers comprehensive support for the service of passing bank compliance. We will help you to get a higher level of confidence from the banks, reduce the process of verification, increase the chances of success and reduce the risk of financial losses.

Who would benefit?

People who want to move to Spain

People who want to buy real estate in Spain

Entrepreneurs who are starting a new business in Europe or relocating an existing business

Entrepreneurs looking for additional business financing

What tasks will it help to solve?

  1. 01

    Open or unblock an account in a European bank

  2. 02

    Carry out a purchase-sale operation of a business or real estate in Spain

  3. 03

    Get bank financing

  4. 04

    To legalize funds

  5. 05

    Obtain permission to invest abroad and direct deposit into a Spanish account

Why us?

Our expert practitioners hold all the necessary European licenses

We interact directly with bank directors

We understand our clients' problems on the same psychological level

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What do you get as a result?

Full support for the bank compliance procedure

Formed profile of reliable client

Legalization of funds in a Spanish bank

Order of service


Determing the purpose of the bank compliance procedure


Coordinating directly with the bank directors about the package of documents for the verification of funds


Collecting and verifying the authenticity of all documents necessary for the process


Control the whole process: terms, list of documents, passing verification and other administrative aspects


Bank Compliance

The cost depends on the difficulty of the case
  • From 1600 €
  • + IVA

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